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making a donation - 06/02/02 05:58 PM

On your forum boards I've seen a good bit about poverty and single parents. Is there a church or mission where I could make a donation of women's and children's clothing when I visit later this week? As a single parent who is finally keeping her head above water, I'd like to give a little something back. If I donate any thing here in the states it will just go to a re-sale shop and the profits be eaten up by the administration of the charity. Any suggestions?
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Re: making a donation - 06/02/02 09:48 PM

There is a Roman Catholic church on Caye Caulker. Clothing (summer stuff) donations would be appreciated, especially infant clothing. Anyone else looking to make a donation... school supplies are always a good choice, and antibiotics or anything medical for the clinic.
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Re: making a donation - 06/03/02 02:07 AM

Also, Assemblies of God Church, also Little Kitchen is now the liason for House of Healing, detox program here on Caye Caulker.
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