CC Land Distribution

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CC Land Distribution - 06/08/02 09:11 PM

There is an on-going heated debate island-wise regarding Ms. Arceo's
decision to advertise the village lands (village inheritance) to the general
public for sale on Love FM radio. These are but my two cents worth:

Caye Caulker lands are very limited. Great care should be taken in
distributing this precious resource. The public lands are considered the
island's inheritance and should be treated as such. They should be
distributed on the advice of the villagers through open and transparent
dialogue and not by political party cronies.

The collective value of the island's (community) lands, which are now
fawning speculative greed fueled by the Area Representative's obvious desire
to recklessly dispose of the island's inheritance, are so because of the
collective sacrifices of generations of island families. It is an
incredible insult to communities everywhere the way the distribution of our
island lands are being handled.

It is a crying shame for Patty Arceo or any government (local, island or
countrywide) to even WANT to hand out the local island lands (collective
island inheritance) to anyone but local village people when the needs of the
existing local islanders are far from being met. Take care of the local
islanders first (100%), and then whatever is left can (maybe) be shared
Each community should also feel free to take the same approach and take care
of its own first.

In any community, there are private lands listed for sale to those not from
a particular community, but interested in becomming land owners in a
community other than that in which they live. Let the private market take
care of that. Leave the village (community) lands to the villagers
(communities) to best distribute as they see fit, please.
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/09/02 05:12 AM

Wendy-if selling your land on Caye Caulker is something that you're advising ALL natives NOT to do, then why do you have your family home on Front Street for sale - for U.S. Dollars? Isn't that hypocritical?
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/09/02 03:07 PM

Dear "Just Wondering"

I will have more respect for your comments when you start signing your real name. Otherwise, all I see is an anonymous coward.

Have a nice day!

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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/09/02 06:28 PM

Afraid to answer the question Wendy? Looks like you've got something to hide, up there on that soapbox of yours. Its a legitimate question, don't try to squirm out of it.
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/09/02 08:23 PM

Dear Just Wondering:

A quick check with the village council or even the lands registry will show that I own absolutely no land on Caye Caulker. I do have ONE lot on northern Caye Caulker leased to me, yes. It is definitely NOT for sale.

One cannot sell what one does not own. Not every lot that has a house on it belongs to the house owner.

What was the substantive point you were trying to make, again? Did you say you had something to contribute to the debate of whether Ms. Arceo was doing good in selling off the island inheritance? Right, I heard you loud and clear.

Have a nice day!

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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/14/02 11:43 AM

Just exactly how long in residence does it take to be considered one of the villagers whose voice should be heard? How long before one becomes entitled to the island inheritance?
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/14/02 05:03 PM

great questions, hmmmmmm.

my answer to both of those questions would be to hold a public meeting and ask all the villagers (meaning everyone who calls this island home) to give their 2 cents worth. policies that affect all of us should be put to the village public as a matter of routine, not a matter of exception as things operate right now.
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/27/02 02:32 AM

All this talk about free leased land and all the politics behind it..... Wendy, between you and your sisters, how many acres of government land have you managed to get? I'm sure if it was investigated, it would be staggering to the people of Caye Caulker, especially the ones who really need at least one little lot. How did you and your sisters manage to get these lots past the village counsel? Who's fooling who???
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/28/02 09:57 AM

We all qualify 100% for the lease land giveaway and after 15 years of applying and watching lots go to expatriates, belizeans who live in the US etc, why should we have any quilt if any of us get a lot?
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Re: CC Land Distribution - 06/30/02 03:10 AM

Acres of government land? WOW! That would be incredibly special indeed. I have but one leased lot on northern CC. That is my extent of government leased land in the entire country of Belize. Sorry, you are a bit hasty with your accusations. Did I get your real name, I'm sorry?

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Re: CC Land Distribution - 07/01/02 06:07 PM

Oh boy, I really wish the resentments would stop. Patty Arceo no longer spends much time here if she ever did, how can she possibly know how the villagers feel? Tina, Wendy, Diane and their comparable mother, do not have to defend themselves regarding what land they own or not! I believe young Caye Caulker children see these forward moving, business savy women as role models and mentors. Thank God there are so many islanders who continue to stay here and help the growth of Isla Carinosa through creative and flexible endeavors. How could you begrudge this?
Regarding how long does one have to be here to have a voice? It depends I suppose if you are talking into the wind or not. Have you taken your concerns beyond this message board? If so then continue your journey, don't keep bringing the problem up here- where problem solving rarely happens.
Regarding my roots.I am a Canadian, I'm pleased to be Canadian, I'm grateful to be in Belize and becoming a citizen. I may be considered always a foreigner in some peoples eyes, but when my husband says, you are Belizean, I believe him. I feel so proud and happy that I can find acceptance here.
My hubby's family consider me their family, and in the end isn't that what counts?


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