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meal prices - 06/25/02 10:09 PM

Can someone give me an idea of the average cost for lunch and for dinner on CC? How about the average cost of beer and drinks? Trying to decide how much cash to bring. Thanks for any help.
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Re: meal prices - 06/25/02 10:23 PM

Prices vary, but of course you expect that. You can eat lunch for 5-20 bz at any number of restaurants and dinner for 10-40 bz. Beers average 2.50 bz-4 at bars and restaurants. I know that you already know this, but the exchange rate is 2 bz = 1 U.S.

Cheap places are: (5-10 bz) Food vendors on the street, Chan's fast food, the China Reataurant (fried chicken & french fries for $5 bz) Martinez fast foods

Moderate places are: (10-20 bz.) The Sandbox, Jolly Rogers's grill, Vespucci's Table, Oceanside, Poor Man's Grill

Expensive: (over 20 bz per person for dinner)
Cocoplum Gardens, Habanero's, Rasta Pasta. The prices might be higher, but the food is incredible at these 3 places, they out-do any place in San Pedro (for much less money than you would expect)

There are many more places than I mentioned. Food is 1/2 as exensive here as it is in San Pedro, in fact, just about everything is.
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Re: meal prices - 06/26/02 12:46 AM

One of my favorite places to eat lunch on the island was Syd's. I suppose it is on middle street, by the bank. Anyhow, I could sit and eat Granachas all day. You get three tiny granachas for $1.00 bz. Or have a lobster burrito for $6 bz. Chicken is about $2 bz. Great Food!

And for dinner, Jolly Rogers was great. Can't beat lobster dinner for $20 bz.
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