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travel - 01/19/03 05:29 PM

i have a vintage 1956 amphicar and was thinking of driving it over water from cuba to belize. any ideas of the shortest route to take?
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Re: travel - 01/20/03 05:24 AM

Back and forth in the swimming pool of the cruise ship. Takes three days.
Posted By: Capt. Bill

Re: travel - 01/21/03 04:08 PM

I really hope you are joking about using the car to get across over 100 miles of open water.

Unless you have a death wish....i think i would put the car on a ship and send it across. Also the roads in Belize would be hard on the little car. That is, once you get off the paved roads. And there are a lot of dirt roads with pot holes that would eat the car up. It would no longer be a collectable...

But i would love to see the little car with the windows rolled up and the wippers going a mile a minute through the ocean.....(near shore, in shallow water)

you would need to drag a fuel barge behind tho...LOL
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