Beach and Bugs

Posted By: Bull

Beach and Bugs - 03/05/03 05:05 AM

Are there good beaches on Caye Caulker (where are they)?

I'm coming soon --can't wait-- but am worried that there aren't any nice sand beaches, perhaps w/nice swimming but w/o too much sea grass. Is this true? Am I being silly? (I'd have no problem paying for a beer or a chair to have access to a good beach for an afternoon.)

Also, can anybody recommend particularly good bug repellant?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Beach and Bugs - 03/07/03 02:16 PM

The best bug repellant is the one that won't allow even one bite. Only one that does this is "Baby Oil". The little buggers drown in it before they can bite you. No bites = No itch.
Posted By: Bull

Re: Beach and Bugs - 03/07/03 07:39 PM

Thanks for the tip, Oilman. Any advice on the beach situation (sand/swimming)?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Beach and Bugs - 03/08/03 03:18 PM

Locals fight bugs with their lifestyle, no spray.Don't stop out of wind in shorts only and scratch while chatting. Move into the breeze. Wear long loose clothing when they are bad like sunrise and sunset, or plan to stay in for that hour.
Baby oil works to drown them but you have to drown yourself in it too so no sunscreen or touching the real world. Try DEET or the method above.
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