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questions - 03/20/03 04:34 AM

I have been reading postings and still have some questions. My husband and I are visiting Caye Caulker at the end of June. We were refered to the island by a friend who said it is awesome. We are staying at Seaside Cabanas. We have cabana 15 reserved. Is this a good place to stay? Also, was reading about the sandflies. Are these actual flies or fleas such as the little black ones that choose to live on animals? Are they bad all year long or just certain times of the year? Also, can we rent snorkling gear and go on little ventures of our own...what is recommended? When is the last water taxi from Belize City to the island? I also like the idea of finding that remote, secluded beach one person spoke of...wouldn't mind running around naked for awhile, just don't want to get arrested, lol. Ok, one more question, what kind of prices are we looking at for drinks are the local bars? Anyhow, hope I didn't overwhelm anyone with the questions, just want to be well prepared so we have a really nice time. Look forward to making new friends.
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Wow - such anxiety. You really need a vacation....

But I'll take the time to answer one of your questions: the last water taxi is at 5:30 PM; cost: $7.50 US One Way.

As Caye Caulker is a go slow island, perhaps I can answer another question tomorrow, and another the following day etc...( or if I ever feel especially ambitions, I may actually answer ALL 'manana' ).

Just trying to get you accustomed to the pace here:-)
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Sandflies are fleas of another type.They are found in great humbers in Canada and north US. They call them no see ums. If the wind blows they can't find you.Dress in loose cotton clothing when they are a prob. and don't go out at dawn and sunset.
Seaview is fine.You can get gear at the hotel I think. Try a day trip with Juni Saldivar or Carlos Ayala.
You can warm up for CC by typing very slowly and missing some appointments.
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Thanks for the help! Wow, when I found out your motto was "go slow" I never new it was that slow. Hope we can keep up with the pace..haha! I guess I never realized just how busy we are (or maybe I have). My husband is a firefighter and I work in a VERY busy emergency room. We have 3 children, 2 under age 10. So yes, you are right, I do need to slow down, enjoy the good things in life....I suppose that's why we chose CC. Oh, if the drinks don't help calm me down, you guys might just have to tie me to a tree or something...haha!
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Guess I am feeling a bit more ambitions today, especially since keycocker was kind enough help out some...

Big Fish Little Fish has the cheapest snorkel rental, if you are not taking a tour. $2.50 US per set / day.

Keycocker commented on Seaview not Seaside Cabanas, and I believe your question was about Seaside Cabanas -

Seaside cabanas is one of the newer upscale accommodations on the island. You chose well.

Next time you may also want to consider "Diane's BEACH House" for you and your family: Two Bedrooms, full kitchen, living room etc.

About a private beach - it wouldn't be private anymore if we announced it here! Good luck finding your spot!

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My goodness, you are feeling a bit ambitious today! A big Texas "THANK YOU" for your help. Are you a resident of CC? Would love to meet you when we visit, then maybe you can share that "secret spot" we speak of [Linked Image]

Later Gator!

ps...we are leaving the kids behind this you said, WE need a vacation..the kids will be in Colorado!!
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Re: questions - 03/21/03 05:02 AM

And since I've now been inspired by GO SLOW And KEY KOCKER to post a response today, here is one suggestion: you might want to try the popular local drink, the PANTY RIPPER, instead of a rum and coke. Your husby might love you more for it :-).

In case you are wondering... it's coconut rum mixed with pineapple juice.

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Re: questions - 03/21/03 04:57 PM

Thanks for the info Wendy. I have always enjoyed Malibu Rum and pineapple juice. Never had a name for it thought....catchy one you have though!! I'm sure my hubby will enjoy just about anything that has to do with me [Linked Image]

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You go girl!
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