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fish - 03/20/03 06:41 PM

Does anyone know of some goods spots on the island where one can wade on their own and do some spinfishing for bones or tarpon?
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Re: fish - 03/20/03 07:40 PM

Down South by Caye Chapel.

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Re: fish - 03/21/03 04:13 AM

I caught some bones at the split on conch. Also try off the end of some of the docks.
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Re: fish - 03/21/03 04:54 AM

There's some mouthwatering looking bones down at the Split every evening. They are attracted by the light pole. These bones look like a family-meal sized. Many people go out there to fish.

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Re: fish - 05/31/03 07:16 PM

Keycocker..its Grant from vancouver..where did you see the site for $200 to Belize you know which website..or company that was thru..thanks

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Re: fish - 05/31/03 10:17 PM

For those who never ate a bonefish because -well -too many bones, there is an old fashion recipe around here. I think it was Wendy's grandmother, Miss Marina, or Tia Philly who fixed it for us first time. You grill the fish black over a fire and scrape the meat out with a fork and make fish balls with a little flour, salt, and pepper. Fry the balls in a pan with coconut oil, a little rice, and you are good to go.
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