new book on Caye Caulker

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new book on Caye Caulker - 12/15/03 04:55 PM

New book looks at caye through family eyes

It started out as a story,
intended to help
three children understand their
family history
and ended up as a history of Caye
Village. Today, the daughter of
Antonio Vega
Senior came home to launch "Caye
Success", a documentary of her
father's rise
out of poverty. Mati Vega Gomoll,
currently resides in Lansing, Michigan, says the part
biography, part
history book is a must read for all Belizeans.

Mati Vega Gomoll, Author, Caye to Success
"The book is about the history of Caye Caulker and the
two main
elements that helped the caye to be propelled to
success. The two things
are: one, the successful first fishery cooperative that
was formed, and the
main founder is the person on the cover of the book.
The other picture on
the cover of the book is the caye, and the caye itself
has a story... and the
story is in the book."

"The biography is actually the biography of my father,
his life is really
rich, but he had a lot to do with the changes of the
island. And the history
of caye caulker has never been documented before, so I
am proud to do

Patrick Jones
"What was the inspiration for your putting this work

Mati Vega Gomoll
"I started writing a story for my own children. I have
three boys, and I
started writing a history for them and it turned out
like this."

The book was published in September in the United
States. The
Angelus Press has been contracted as the Belize
distributor for "Caye
to Success", which Vega says she hopes will be used as
a history text in
the schools.
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Re: new book on Caye Caulker - 12/16/03 02:33 AM has it:
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Re: new book on Caye Caulker - 12/18/03 06:06 PM

well, just a short question about this new
book caye to success... i was wondering if there was a section about how mr. Vega use to take away the VOLLY_BALL during the game
and refused to give them back?????
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Re: new book on Caye Caulker - 12/18/03 06:11 PM

Amazon site say's it is out of print. Albris site doen't have it either. Any leads on how to get a copy?
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Re: new book on Caye Caulker - 12/18/03 09:02 PM

Good point reality!
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Re: new book on Caye Caulker - 12/19/03 04:43 PM

i got one from today, might try again...
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