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Re: Drinking Water on Caye Caulker - 03/06/04 08:34 PM

Hey, I'm curious what the deal is with drinking water on the island, do i need bottled water, can I get water from somewhere else, Is it expensive, how bout' other non-alcoholic bevs? Any info would help. Thanks.
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Re: Re: Drinking Water on Caye Caulker - 03/07/04 12:41 AM

Some places have cisterns that gather rain water from roof run off. It is fine, very fine!!! We lived on it for the time we were there.
I drank it on the plane back.
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Yes you need to buy water. You can buy it in 1 gallon bottles (4 for 8BZE) directly from the water supply depot near Back Street. You can also buy 5 gallon bottles for (I think) 5BZE, but you also have to pay , but you have to pay 20BZE deposit plus *buy* the pump for anopther 30BZE. A 1 litre bottle is less than 2BZE.
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Oh yeah - as for other non-alcoholic beverages, you can buy incredibly good juice. It's a tad pricy but totally worth it. There is a place on Middle Street near the bank that sells terrific Johnny cakes and the best juice we had on the island.
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Thanks for the info everyone. Any other water/juice tips are still welcome. I guess maybe I should ask about local beers and/or rum to...any thoughts??
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Re: Re: Drinking Water on Caye Caulker - 03/10/04 11:56 PM

WATER - we always drank the bottled water that was purified by reverse osmosis. Plastic 1 liter bottles were available everywhere on the Caye. We usually carried one with us everywhere we went. If we stopped for lunch or dinner, we would order a bottle with the meal. I guess we needed it to rehydrate from all of the beer that we drank. We paid $1BZ ($.50 US)for a liter.

BEER - don't expect to find your favorite American brew here. We saw a 12 pack of Budwiser in Belize on the main land for sale in the big stores. The price - $52.00BZ. The beer to drink is BELIKIN. It is the national beer and you find it everywhere. It comes in three styles; Belikin Regular, Stout, and Ice House. They all require getting used to. I prefered the regular, my buddy perfers the Stout (for its added alcohol content) and neither of us were really drawn to the Ice House. It taste nothing like the kind you find in the states. I have very simple taste and prefer Bud Light. I miss Bud Light when we travel to places like Belize that don't serve it. I sometimes will bring along a six-pack of it when we travel, and I can't wait to get home to an ice-cold 12 pack!

OTHER BOOZE - we also take a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum with us when we travel to Caye Caulker. Why? Because it takes me so long to acclimate my taste buds to the beer! Coke-a- Cola products are widely availible on Caulker. So, we mix a bit of the Captain Morgan with Coke till its all gone and there is nothing else to drink but Belikin Beer and local rum mixed with fresh fruit juice. In time, three to four days, we have over come the taste difference of the alcohol and we will gladly drink whatever is available! Just be sure to always wipe the bottle tops of the beer, each and every time you order a new beer. There is absolutly nothing in the world that taste as bad as rust and beer. The beer caps DO rust and leave a nasty taste in your mouth if you don't wipe the bottle top!

KID STUFF - as I said, Coke products are available and If you have a GRAPE or ORANGE soda fetish, you will find that this place never runs out of these two flavors!

Have a good trip and stay away from people that don't smile!
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