Airstrip Progress Report

Posted By: Pilgrim

Airstrip Progress Report - 11/02/04 03:09 PM

How is the work progressing?
Coming in 12/17 so I sure hope it will be finished by then.
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Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/03/04 04:05 AM

90% of folks come here on a water taxi which is an enjoyable experience of itself.You should plan to use them at least one way.It costs less than $10 and takes a half hour or so.Sometimes it rains but it is never cold by your standards. I look forward to the ride when I haven't done it for a while.
Posted By: TravelMom

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/05/04 04:48 PM

Hiya Pilgrim. We are arriving in Belize on 12/16 and we're also hoping to fly to CC. After 18 hours of travel, overnight, with a teenager, we truly don't want even one more layover or extra connection. Just get me there as fast as possible, so I can relax and maybe take a nap. We'll save the water taxi for the way back when we're rested and less cranky. I have a TA in Belize (who is optimistic) on the lookout for me. If I hear anything, and it hasn't already been posted here, I'll be glad to post a heads up. See you on CC.
Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/06/04 04:08 PM

thanks for the info. I suffer from FFS (fat finger syndrome) and I too will be arriving 12/16 not 17 via AA. See you as we clear custons. I'll be the old grey-haired fat lady...and I'm not singing.
My contact on CC has told me that progress is being made s...l...o...w...l...y. But the hotel/motel/rental operators are being told it work will be completed by 12/15.
I've rental a beach-front cottage for 30 days. I'm REALLY going to relax and am leaning towards the water taxi since time isn't an issue.
Posted By: TravelMom

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/08/04 09:12 PM

We'll see you there Pilgrim. We arrive in BC early afternoon on US Air. My hubby looks like Willie Nelson (a fact he does not like to be reminded of, and he won't be singing either) Lucky you, being on CC for 30 days. I'm sure we'll run into each other.
Posted By: Noh True!

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/12/04 07:33 PM

Here is the most recent update of the airport after members of the VIllage Council met with the Chief Engineer, Ministry of Works. This occurred yesterday 11/11/2004 in the afternoon. Works are proceeding as schduled by the rains in November have been hindering the project. Expected completion date is Dec 22, 04.

Please note that the strip will be about 15 feet longer and 8 inces higher than currently is. At this moment the compaction of gravel and other aggregates are occurring.
Posted By: Capt. Bill

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/24/04 09:08 PM


Well here it is getting really close to December ... so how are things going on the runway?
Posted By: starfish

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/24/04 11:36 PM

Several toursit have called the domestic airlines about air service to Caye Caulker. A respones was given by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air that the each airline will not be conducting business until Feb 2005. Can anyone out there verify this?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 11/26/04 06:59 PM

Quote from November 25 San Pedro Sun:
In an interview with Caye Caulker Village Chairman Alberto Villanueva Jr., The San Pedro Sun was told that the project's estimated date of completion is now December 22nd
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Re: Airstrip Progress Report - 12/06/04 05:10 AM

According to latest LOVE FM report from the Princess and Pedro the Caye Caulker airstrip will be open in mid December.
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