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internet service - 01/15/05 05:58 AM

how do you hook up to the internet on CC? am bringing my computer and folks are asking me how long it will be before i'm back online.... thanks
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Re: internet service - 01/15/05 06:30 PM

If the place you are renting has a phone line and phone service already established, then you can just pay your deposit and get your dsl line hooked up. The phone line deposit is usually 500 bzd and the DSL modem is 300 bzd, with a 12 month contract committment. DSL service starts at an additional 100 bzd a month, plus your line fee which is 20 bzd a month. If the house or apartment you are renting does not have a phone and service, then you have to pay for installation, which will cost anywhere between 50-200 bzd depending on the location. Plan on an initial cost of 1000 bzd ($500) for start up. Sometimes its just plain less expensive to use the internet cafe, especially if your online use is an hour a day or less.
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Re: internet service - 01/15/05 07:19 PM

thank you very much
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