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Looking to move - 01/17/05 12:13 AM

Hello all, My wife and I are looing to move to Caye Caulker. we have two young children and beleve that this would be a great experence for them and us. I currently work within web development and video production, I have done so for the past 12 years. We are looking to make a life chage from the cold to the sun. My wife does have some medical needs but we have been told that a warmer climat would be better for her.

My questions are, what about cost of living there? housing rental costs? food? ect. and also what about any job opps?
any information would be helpful.

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Re: Looking to move - 01/28/05 02:21 PM

As anywhere else, this depends on your budget and your spending habits.

A decent 2BR home would rent for approximately $600 US /Month and up, depending on its location.

You need work permits to work in Belize; should be in the country 6 months to apply (although this is not always the case).

There are 'newbies' operating a Kite School near the Split as we speak and they have only been here since Christmas!
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Re: Looking to move - 01/29/05 06:35 AM

My wife and I spend about USD$1000 a month here excluding rent, though we make little attempt to save money.We have had a home here a long time so our expenses are a bit lower than a new arrival might spend.This is not much of a consumer society so this would be is a chance for you to make a break from that.
Do you need tender steaks,cars,elegant furniture,French wine,big screen tv,and nicely carpeted ranch style house? Caye Caulker isn't for you.
It isn't easy to make a living here so we don't even try. Our money comes from several rental houses in the states. If you can arrange something like this you will be happier here.Don't give up everthing you have now to do this. You need to test drive the life for a while.
Would you happen to be from the UK? An English TV producer has me on the look out for stars for a show about moving to CC
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Re: Looking to move - 02/07/05 10:10 PM

Hi mover. Have you thought any more about moving and if so, do you have any more information about life on CC? We are considering moving also, but haven't had much luck getting a fair idea of how it would be. I guess frequent visits may be our only option for now.
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Re: Looking to move - 02/23/05 02:28 AM

Ah to dream. I'd move to Caulker in a heartbeat, man, but the job situation, the taxes? Yipes. I don't have "rental" income, I have little to no income.

Maybe I could work for Allie as her dogwalker. Or tutor the kids on the island who's families can't afford the school fees. (Think I'm lyin'? It's true!) I could try to keep the computers from crashing and the connection up in the internet cafes. I'd keep my husband on a short leash, too.
(get off your ass, pull your pants up, blah blah).

Did I write that?

Anyway, I'm gonna tough it out in Cali for a bit longer and try to get my husband here to the States. I would give up Target for my husband and Caulker...for real.
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Re: Looking to move - 02/23/05 08:39 AM

Where is your husband? What country is he from?
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Re: Looking to move - 02/24/05 03:14 AM

Hubby is in Belize, Boo. Tenah is a Garifuna-Belizean. I'm Afro-American; up here in California with lots of traffic, lots of nuts and not a damn coconut to be found. *weep*

Hey, my sister's nickname is Boo!
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