Life on Caye Caulker

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Life on Caye Caulker - 02/07/05 09:27 PM

Can anyone elaborate on how everyday life is on CC. The good and not so good are of great interest to me. Any information will be appreciated. Things like schools, crime, and basic quality of life would be my main interest at this time.

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/20/05 12:58 AM

Caulker is the bomb! I've encouraged people to go, but you got to have to a certain sensibility and flexibility to enjoy it.

There's no rushin' for nothin'. It simply doesn't flow like that.

Most shops, restaurants, hotels, and cafes are on the Front Page (Caulker's Main Street of sorts). few spots, like Chang's Market are in the middle. The Back Page is the what the States would call the Hood, but I love it over there, too. You can't get more real than the ghetto! More people live this way than most would care to acknowledge, but I digress.

As you go from the Back to Front you go from shanty to condos and hotels. Caulker's got a little bit of everything - thugs, tourists, expats, business folks, hustlers, charmers, gonzos, Rastas, families, fishermen, divers, and stray dingos (very docile feral dogs).

I've often observed that generally tourists tend to hang with other tourists, paticularly the white yanks and Europeans.
The locals - Latino, Black and a few Chinese and whites - hang with one another. There is a community here, where people live, work, and raise their families; it's not *only* a playground.

I've never met an unfriendly person on Caulker; a few clowns sure such as anywhere, but no one who wasn't essentially alright.

Nights are very mellow on Caulker. Things close down somewhat early. There's more night life on San Pedro to be honest, but I prefer Caulker everytime.

Cops tend to patrol at night and they can be a little, well, brutish and kinda stoic.

Prices are a bit steep, but most imported goods are way taxed. They use a VAT system on goods in Belize - similar to Canada or Europe. I find the locally owned restaurants to be a better deal and more yummy.

The tour operators have a non-compete agreement, so not much use in running around looking for a deal. All are about the same rate.

You will be running around trying to find something specific, so stock up on meds and specialty items. There is a new pharmacy on Caulker, which is very cool.

Ask locals for good spots to eat or have a drink. I love the green frosty drink at the Lazy Lizard. What is it? Lizard Blizzard? Green Lizard? I forgot. It puts on a nice chill on your vibe, but it can get hectic in excess.

You can sunbathe and swim at the Split, take a spin on a bike or a golf cart. You'll see familar faces from day to day, so stop and say hello.

Oh, yes sunscreen, DEET, and B12 vits taken daily are strongly urged. The sun is HOT and the bugs don't play.

Caulker is my idea of living it up in a contented style along the sea.
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/20/05 06:03 PM

Great to see such an accurate and tasty post on Caye Caulker life.Uno got it gal.(You nailed it, girl.)

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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/20/05 06:23 PM

Cental Gov't once sent road signs to Caye Caulker. Road signs were nobody's job so the drivers of the three vehicles qualified as our local experts.They put a few STOP signs around on the corners and a GO SLOW sign in front of the school.
In theory the speed limits are the same countrywide so they got a bunch of "SPEED LIMIT 35MPH" signs.You would have to be crazy to go 35MPH on Caye Caulker so they tossed them. That left the three drivers with a box of GO SLOW signs so they put them up everwhere.
Things go so slow here that few people think we need signs to remind us to not get anything done on time.
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/21/05 02:15 AM

Actually ,

The speed limits as specified by the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act (Caye Caulker Traffic Control Amendments) states that the speed limit for vehicles in the Village Proper is 10 miles an hour and 15 miles an hour for outside the village proper. Signs are not the responsibility of the Central Government but that of the local authority.
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/21/05 03:55 AM

Thanks for all your great postings, keycocker. You are always available with a lot of helpful and useful information on this board.

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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/21/05 04:03 AM

On another note, keycocker's very amusing and interesting recollection of the first traffic signs on Caye Caulker are quite true. During that time, Noh True! was probably still in elementary or high school and there were no "Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act (Caye Caulker Traffic Control Amendments)" that governed Caye Caulker yet. Noh True! is probably too young to remember.

Go Slow! Caye Caulker.

Thanks and cheers,
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/21/05 02:52 PM

Speaking of Caye Caulker life-I got out my copy of "Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act (Caye Caulker Traffic Control Amendments Part 2: subsection 5)" but some fool dumped a Pina Colada on it and all the sand stuck to it ....
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/21/05 08:29 PM

Oh how wonderful it is for me to wake up everyday and look out from the second floor. I lie in comfort on my king size bed and watch through the double glass doors out over my balcony at the saphire seas & through the tall gentle blowing coconut fronds that line the white sandy beach in front. The doors frame this picturesque slow moving shot and I lay my head back and inhale the freshest clean breeze ever.

My lover leans over and whispers that I demonstrated uncommon valor on the fields of passion earlier this morning. His soft voice in my ear and the heat of his breath on my neck as he begs "I want to feel the inviting warmth and wetness of your slippery seas and slide my rudder deeper into your waters and set my course even more truly".
Being such a beautiful Caribbean day, I obliged and felt my waves slapping at his hull and dream about the starlit night tonight and the boats passing with sails full of lusty gusts, with the patience and steadfastness to shoot into the eye of my throbbing hurricane leaving me tranquil and calm in the afterglow of a perfect storm....

(to be continued)
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Re: Life on Caye Caulker - 02/22/05 03:33 AM

Thanks for the praises, keycocker (that name slays me, man)!

Caulker will forever have a special place inna me heart, cho?

You see Tenah round, you give im a shout you tell im is wifey she alright sistren.
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