How far is it from ...

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How far is it from ... - 02/18/05 08:49 PM

the south end of the island to the split. Also, how hard is it to get a taxi or should we simply rent a bike.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 03:21 AM

About a good mile or so to the split from the south. Taxi? There's no taxis on Caulker, honey, but you might make a pal who can give you a lift on their golf cart if they're headed that way.

Renting a bike is cool, but make sure it's not rickety and rusted out. You can rent a cart as well, but shop around. Gas ones are bank, electric is cheaper and it's better for the people, the land, and the critters.

I think walking is chill; good for mind, body, and soul.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 03:46 AM

Thanks. We get there tomorrow and are renting a place from Amanda Badger. For a walk of a mile, we'll probably just walk and not worry about it. Amanda indicated there were golf cart taxis. Maybe she exaggerated a bit? We're looking forward to a few days.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 03:52 AM

Golf cart taxis? Well, you can probably offer someone some change for a lift, but there are no proper 'taxis' on Caulker. Maybe gypsy taxis, which I gotta admit is resourceful.

Amanda's is a cool spot. Good choice! Have coffee at Cindy's! Marla's Kitchen has yummy food. Try to support local people while you're there. It's real rough running a business down there these days.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 04:40 AM

OK. We generally try to act like we live there. Its nice to meet some of the people and get a feel of what the place is like. We really liked the people in Placencia and I'm sure will like the people on Caye Caulker as well.

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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 05:40 AM

try Syd's for dinners-Glenda for breakfast-Monche's for lunches-Marla's is very fine-also Wish Willy's for dinner.And don't forget Elba's grill on the street down towards the Oceanside-she's the one.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/19/05 04:52 PM

We have had golf cart taxis for a long time. They charge Bz$5. You can ride a bike anywhere with ease. Few locals can live without one and Amanda rents them cheaply.Note;if Amanda says one thing and these posts say another-Amanda is usually right.She is a charming English woman who everyone favors.
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/25/05 03:42 AM

The walk from Amanda's to the Split isn't too long. And if you're an early riser like me Roses Cafe serves take out coffee at 6 AM. 12 straight days I picked up a large coffee for me and a small for the wife for 3 dollars Belize. Good coffee. [Linked Image]
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Re: How far is it from ... - 02/26/05 12:36 AM

For excellent golf cart taxi service, try Rainbow Taxi Service. They are based out of the Rainbow Hotel. Tel.# 501-226-0123.
It is well worth the few dollars to have them transport you and your luggage to/from the water taxi and/or airport. They will also take you on a tour of the island if you like. Say Hi to Champ and/or Minerva if you see them!
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