BTL - network problems?

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BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 12:09 AM

Since Friday, I have not been able to get through to CC by telephone (I have tried several numbers). Today I sent a fax to the BTL customer service at CC, but that failed as well. Are there any network problems at the moment? If not, there must be something wrong with the line between Belize and Europe. Since I cannot get hold of BTL myself, I would be forever grateful if someone could be so kind and help me notify them about the problem. Someone else experiencing the same problem, or is it just me? ;o)
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 12:51 AM

I belive there is some sort of strike or slow down w/ the national phone company. People hae been having phone trouble since last week.

I'm sure there are other on here w/ more details.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 01:17 AM

Phones and internet have been down in Belize since Friday. There is an on-going labor dispute and no telling when it will be resolved. It's best you send e-mails right now, as these can be accessed through satellite internet.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 10:46 AM

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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 02:42 PM

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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/19/05 10:12 PM

Does BTL have any idea how much they are hurting the small business owner? Hard to make a living if people can't book rooms etc. If BTL employees continue with the strike they could cut off their nose despite their face and ruin the whole country and any chance of making more money. I sure hope that they haven't shut down local comunications, if so that is very dangerous and people could die. If this is so ... then jail time is possible.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/20/05 04:55 AM

Diane (Auxillou Beach Suites) - I've been trying to contact you about booking the Sailwinds for May 13-25. You e-mailed me about the kitchenette, and then BOOM, e-mail stopped going through. Don't give the room away! Actually, I guess no one else can get through anyway. Send me instructions when you can.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/20/05 03:19 PM

Belize Telephone Ltd. employees wanted to buy the 37% of the company that Gov't owns.When no bank would loan them the 30+ million dollars they sabotaged the entire phone system since Fri to blackmail the country. They said gov't must GIVE them the stock for free making them all very rich.It continued until gov't threw them out and brought in outside techs. The BTL people are allowed to work under police guard now.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/20/05 07:07 PM

Actually Keycocker:

The Employees were asking that government to accomodate financing for them in the same manner as it did for Prosser. Prosser paid with a promissory note and BTL employees would like to do the same. This would give them time to put the shares on sale to the Belizean public.

There was no damage to equipment at the headquarters. There was some damage to the fiber optic cable on the main highway. The majority of employees just walked off the job and the system gave in.

To date email and internet have been partially restored. The rest of the country has isolated local calls only and Belmopan is cut off entirely from cellular, email, internet and land lines. We still cannot make any international calls.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/20/05 08:50 PM

Correction is right.
The Prosser deal was one of the worst in recent history. Belize is in court in two countries trying to lose this guy who can't pay but pretended he could.
The BTL employees offered the same deal to Government.When gov't refused they disabled most of the national grid for several days without directly damaging the equipment except a fiber optic cable.
In order to get rich they would have to sell the stockto the people,that is true.
Estimates of damage to this small nation are in the millions.Belize couldn't afford to have its economy be held hostage for the benefit of a small group in my opinion.

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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/23/05 08:42 AM

Things have got to change in Belize. The country is crumbling under a bloated belly of corruption, poverty, mismanagement by the PUP administration, injustice, foreign interests, and complancency.

I utterly support the BTL workers, the students, and protesters. The situation in Belize has been coming undone for some time, even more so since the tax increases in February, the NTUCB strikes, and this sham of a situation over ownership of BTL btwn Prossner and the GOB.

GOB is being fined $50kUS A DAY for contempt of court having established a BTL executive board under pretense. GIVE the employees shares by proxy, establish a 401(k) investment program for those employees, GIVE BELIZE BACK TO BELIZEANS, stop cow-towing to tourists, rich foreigners, investors, and politicians. Feed and educate the children and subsize healthcare and education! Cease dependency on foreign aide!

Git up off fi rass and do something rit ere rit now for WE PEOPLE. Belize come a wreckage and fi US step in snatch it yup, UK come snatch it yup. Colonialism jack dis country fi too long, mein. TAKE IT BEK.

Print me post ya and pass it round alla Belizean brothas and sistas.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/24/05 01:10 AM

Well all that would be nice. Now, think about it, how is the government going to pay for all that stuff you want? You have very little tax base and few exports. Tourism is growing and brings in the all important dollars. These are the dollars your country must exchange for all the foreign goods your country needs, and to service its massive debt. So perhaps cowtowing to the foreigners is not such a bad idea afterall. Another good one would be to scrap your currency and go to dollars.
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Re: BTL - network problems? - 04/24/05 06:53 PM

Eliminating the BZD is definitely an idea, but I don't agree with the assertion that tourism is the *only* viable option for Belize's economy.

If the GOB can afford a $50kUS a day fine over this BTL board nonsense, it can certainly afford to invest in domestic growth; maybe create a consortium of farmers to produce more local commondities so that Belize can import more, depend on imports less, *and* feed its people. The taxation is a choke hold because of the massive foreign debt. Even Musa admitted (a rare thing) that is was poor judgement on his part not to use a telecom model similar to those in other Carib countries. Creating a monopoly was a scam to centralize those profits into Belize (truthfully Belizean fat cats and politicos). But the damage is done cho? Were there anti-trust laws in Belize I doubt things would have gone amok.

Also, tourists like their conveniences. If they can't email, make a call, or swipe a card on holiday, they'll go someplace else with a more stable infrastructure. If Belize wants tourist dollars then the government must support that industry, which it is not and why business people in Belize gotta hustle real hard to make a go of it.

If there was more competent governance there wouldn't be so much bribery and hustle to make a go of anything in Belize.
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