Safety on Mexican Highways

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Safety on Mexican Highways - 04/21/05 06:15 PM

Good Day to all the wonderful people
at this message board. You have each
been alot of help with the upcoming
move to CC.

I was wondering if anybody knows anything
about the safety of driving from the US
to Belize on the Mexican Highways?

My partner and I will be bringing much
in the way of computers and other needed

Thanks in advance for any info you might have.
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Re: Safety on Mexican Highways - 04/21/05 06:29 PM

check the search function on The Belize Forum. Miss Lena and friend posted a travelogue as they drove to Belize through Mexico. "Two gringas drive to Belize". Not only is it hilarious, it has valuable info on the current status of roads and road signs such as they are. She was even talking about publishing a booklet on how to drive through Mexico!
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Re: Safety on Mexican Highways - 04/21/05 08:07 PM

I have looked into the drive myself, and although I will fly in, I found some really good information. Check out the link above. I think this idea is just awesome!
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Re: Safety on Mexican Highways - 04/25/05 07:04 PM

Hey there Turtlediva [Linked Image]))

Thanks ever so much for the info from MissLena.

I had to search a few Belize forums to find
it but it was well worth it. What a read it was!

For anyone else looking for this and other
articles about driving to Belize, I have put
links to 9 good articles including MissLena's

Have wonderful day everyone and so looking
forward to the arrival in CC soon.


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