Freight and Create Delivery to CC

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Freight and Create Delivery to CC - 04/23/05 06:57 PM

Hello again to all the knowledgable
and helpful members of this board.

My partner and I are bringing what
seems more than a water taxis could

How is freight and creates delivered
to CC and who would I get in contact
about that?

Thanks for any replies.

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Re: Freight and Create Delivery to CC - 04/24/05 03:45 PM

Manuel Trejo operates a barge that leaves from Belize City at least 2x a week and comes to Caye Caulker.
Liz Ross [email protected] also has a barge and I think Crystal shipping comes into Caye Caulker. Manuel & Liz both live on Caye Caulker, and both will be easy to look up when you get here.
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Re: Freight and Create Delivery to CC - 04/25/05 09:06 PM

Manuel is 501 604 1354. Check with him way in advance. I didn't and it was a mistake.Liz doesn't run regular and Crystal is hard to catch on the Caye when they come in the middle of the night. Manuel brings the goods to your house.
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Re: Freight and Create Delivery to CC - 04/27/05 04:16 AM

Hi Surf. We have a LCM 8 rated for 65 ton with Bob Cat and D3 Dozer to assist with offloading. Will also have a 15 ton crane in appx. one week. We do make regular runs and runs to fit specific needs. You can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] Phone #501-610-4021 or 501-220-4210. If offloading at back dock arrangments can be made with Manual or Marty to use their vehicles for deliveries.

We are also retrofitting vessel to haul 10,000+ gallons of water in additional to our abilities to haul fuel. Let us know your needs.

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