Montana Gives $ to Ellis

Posted By: Cooper

Montana Gives $ to Ellis - 04/28/05 05:38 AM

On our trip in the States I went home to Montana for a few days. I made a few folders up about Ellis, Photos etc. and was able to collect over $600.US for him. The High Schools Dance group is putting on a Benfit in 6 weeks with Ellis getting 1/2 of the proceeds. I sadly came down with the flu the 2nd day I was in Montana. However I am still out telling people about his struggle and will be back in Belize soon. I have a question about this website. HOW DO YOU REPLY TO MESSAGES? I have searched this site and registered and looked for icons and just cant seem to figure it out, so could someone let me know? Thanks, Debbie
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Montana Gives $ to Ellis - 04/28/05 05:45 AM

I am posting this reply to myself to see if I figured out how to do it. This is a test. Debbie
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Re: Montana Gives $ to Ellis - 04/28/05 04:17 PM

That was so nice of you Debbie, good job! Despite being a tiny island of 1000 residents, when people pull their resources together, I'm amazed at what can be accomplished. Its heartwarming.
Posted By: Cowboy

Re: Montana Gives $ to Ellis - 04/29/05 04:15 AM

Debbie, you're a good friend. I hope you feel better soon.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Montana Gives $ to Ellis - 04/29/05 06:33 PM

Cowboy; You and Ellis, Ellen, Abby are all great young men and women,with great spirit and big hearts. Its hard enough to make a living and exist above poverty in Belize. I pray everyday for Ellis to overcome this disability and to go on to a full productive life. Love to all of you. Debbie
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