Visiting in July

Posted By: tdohe

Visiting in July - 06/24/05 04:57 AM

My wife and I are visiting Caye Caulker for a week, arriving July 3. Does anyone have a recommendation for dive shops on Caye Caulker. I see there are at least 3 - Paradise Down, Frenchie's & Belize Diving Services. I've emailed all 3 for dive info & prices, but wanted to know if anyone had recommendations or a good/bad experience with any of them. We are also looking at doing some other things besides diving like jungle tours, Mayan ruins, etc. Anyone have recommendations on the mainland tours or operators to use?

Also read a post on from someone who who had just returned from Caye Caulker on June 15. He/she had a great time (stayed at Seaside Cabanas). However, they mentioned that there is an ongoing drought on Caye Caulker. They stated there is no freshwater left on the island at the
moment, so people are showering in salt water and needing bottled water at
all times in their room for drinking and other things like teeth brushing. Is this correct? Assume bottled water is readily available in the markets.

Appreciate any comments.
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Visiting in July - 06/24/05 07:27 AM

I dive with Paradise Down. Great crew, boat, and safe. Belize Diving services is often recommended as are Frenchies. I like the big boat that Paradise down has, so that has been my pick, plus they stress safety and the crew, although always changing, are always very professional and fun.

Check the boards each night and see what destination appeals to you.
Posted By: Northern Light

Re: Visiting in July - 06/24/05 11:13 AM

I would recommend a trip to the caves in San Ignacio. I will never forget my visit to Tunichill Altun Muchnal (I have most probably spelled this wrong, so forgive me). They only have 1 trip a day with a group of 8 people. Bookings can be done at a tour operator just opposite Eva's restaurant, in the main street of San Ignacio. If you like to book in advance, Lonely planet might have some contact information or ask a travel agent at Caye Caulker.
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/24/05 01:21 PM

the tour operator is mayawalk
Posted By: skubakat

Re: Visiting in July - 06/24/05 06:14 PM

I've gone diving with both Paradise Down and Belize Diving services and found them both to be wonderful experiences. I've also heard good things about Frenchies, although I haven't used them as of yet. My mother got her open-water cert with Belize Diving Services last year at the age of 61, and they were absolutely wonderful with her. I agree with Cookie...check the boards and figure out where you want to go and base your decision on that.
The ruins at Altun Ha near Belize City were an easy day trip and enjoyable for a smallish Mayan ruin, and we also enjoyed the Belize Zoo. They have all of the native animals of Belize there. It is also small, but very enjoyable, and I was impressed. We also went to see the manatees with Chocolate, and thoroughly enjoyed his insight on the animals he has worked so hard to save.
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/25/05 02:48 AM

Well , as for Driving or funn just check the shops around Caye Caulker. It is a very small island I am sure you will find what you need very easy.
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/25/05 06:23 AM

On the topic of the draught:

I was on CC for 2 weeks when I got married in May, and 40 friends and family members came along for the adventure. Most of them stayed at Seaside Cabanas, which is the best place on the Caye.

Although we did have to shower in salt water, the water pressure is substantial and there is plenty of hot water. You get used to being covered in one thing or another (sunscreen, sand between your toes, etc.) so it's really not so bad to shower in water from the sea. Also, surprisingly, it does not sting when you shave.

One hint: bring shower-gel... it lathers much better than soap does.

Bottled water for drinking was easily available at stores.

Have a great trip!!!
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/25/05 06:38 AM

If you would like to go on a cave-tubing day trip, I highly recommend going with Tom Greenwood.

I did this with a group of 7 friends and family who agree that it was the best trip during our stay in Belize, no matter what your tastes may be. Tom and his son took us through the jungle and the cave river, telling tales of the Mayans along the way.

After a delicious meal at the lodge he took us to the Belize Zoo... a mainland sight that may seem generic at a glance but is actually welcoming and photo-worthy!!

You can book him through Seaside Cabanas on Caye Caulker. I will find his business card and post again soon with his direct number.

Have fun, bring your waterproof camera, and please please please leap off the rock into the water at the beginning of the river tour!!!! It will feel incredibly cleansing after those Caye Caulker salt-water showers!!!
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/25/05 11:25 PM

I live in San Ignacio and I highly reccomend Pacz Tours (can be booked through Eva's restaurant) on Burn's Ave. They are a much better company than the other .
As for diving, I prefer Frenchies and have tried the others
Posted By: tdohe

Re: Visiting in July - 06/27/05 11:00 PM

Thanks to all of you who posted replies. Looks like there are lots of options to check out once we get here.

I've got another question - I've read the Lobsterfest ends July 3. We won't be on Caye Caulker until ~5:30 PM or so. Will there be any Lobsterfest activities going on then or will it be pretty much over?
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Re: Visiting in July - 06/28/05 05:23 AM

Here's a follow-up on the cave tubing tour guide- this info is copied directly from his business card...

Belize Shore Expeditions
Tom Greenwood
phone 501-203-0361
cell 501-600-0845

Have fun!!!
Posted By: tdohe

Re: Visiting in July - 07/19/05 09:57 PM

We did use Tom Greenwood for our cave tubing adventure and had a great time. I did leap off the rock into the water at the beginning of the river tour (as suggested by Jen) and it was refreshing!
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