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Bathrooms - 10/11/05 06:53 PM

When we went to Caye Caulker in January we had to pay to use the bathrooms. Does anyone know if there is a bathroom at the split and does it cost? we have three children so using the bathroom happens alot.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/12/05 05:42 PM

If your a customer no charge to use bathrooms
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/13/05 04:21 AM

I was born and raised in CC, and I spent many days in or near the water. Consequently, I too had times when I needed the bathroom. However, I never would give up the sheer beauty of being in the water just to go ashore to use a bathroom.

If I needed to "take a leak", well...I just let it rip in the water. I don't think you would disagree with me on that.

If I needed to "take a crap", well...I would just swim into an area where I was mostly alone, let my swim trunks down, and let it rip. No need to worry about wiping...the water did the job.

Oh...but I forgot...I'm a native islander. This is how we managed. Of course, in today's modern society one would not dare think about such "primitive" lifestyle, especially when there is the luxury/comfort of a toilet that WASTES a few gallons of water with each flush.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Let it Rip!
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/13/05 06:16 PM

Great advice Baan-Ya....that's one way to discourage tourists from visiting! Once people started getting e-coli related illnesses, or giardia, CC will become one of those places where people won't want to even snorkel at, fearing water getting into their mouths. Yuck....please keep that type of insight to yourself. I'd rather not know, if ya know what I mean...No brown trout for me, thank you very much...
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/13/05 06:18 PM

Thanks for the advice. Can any one tell me more about the split, are there bathrooms, restaurants? Do you think that little children would like it? Can they play in shallow water? Also does anyone know more about the water taxi's that would come from where the cruise ships dock? (Can we walk from where the tender drops us off, cost etc...?) Thanks for any help anyone can give!!
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/13/05 10:51 PM

Yes the Lasy Lizard has bathrooms. I'm not sure if it is serving food now or not. A couple of great places for lunch are the Rainbow Grill and the Sandbox. The swimming is the best at the split, although if the kids are real little, there's no real beach for them to crawl around. Its about 1/2 mile walk from the main peir to the split.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/14/05 03:32 AM


I never reply to these kinds of posts, or write here very much at all. But its cute how you're worried about taking your family to the split...

Take your kids to the spit... they'll play in the shallow water, and use the bathroom, and everything will be alright. Lee's made good suggestions for lunch.

Its an easy walk from the tender's dock, to the water taxi. Just make a left. Keep an eye out for a guy with a giant snake around his neck. He's not a kook, he's a scientist, called Smits. Stop and talk with him.... he'll even let your kids hold the snake, if they want to. My grandparents' friends took their family on a cruise to Belize, and all the kids could talk about was Smits and his snakes (one little girl was enhtralled, and the other was terrified)

water taxi rates & schedule are at . If one of the kids is to small to handle the half mile walk to split, once you reach caye, you can get a ride for maybe $3.

If I see a family with three kids by the split in January, I'll say hi, in case its you.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/14/05 06:01 AM

The water is full of fish, fish crap.
Read about litoral drift, ocean currents, your not in a lake. Nothin but the beautiful Carribean with islands set like jewels upon the sea.
See you soon
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/14/05 06:24 PM

Thanks for all your help, now my husband and I just need to decide if were going to caye caulker or doing something else in Belize. But thanks again!!!
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/18/05 05:07 AM

cutrat: Do yourself and family a favor go to Ambergris - more civilized - give CC another 10 years to "mature". Rykat
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/19/05 07:01 AM

Come to the Caye with your family, have a wonderful time and hope the Caye never matures, unless you really like boring Hiltons, Sheratons etc. etc......and never really know where you've been.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/20/05 03:32 AM

My husband really likes the way Caye Caulker is small and laid back. And where there isn't thousands of people. and I think we've decided to go back there as long as we can get off the ship with enough time to still be able to play. I also know that the last time we were there some of the other people on our boat got some really good hamburgers. So I would really like to try and find where they got them!!! Cutrat
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/20/05 05:07 AM

you may not want sheratons, but now you've got cruise ships
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/20/05 02:24 PM

Go to CC. You'll have enough time. Remember the difference in Island time & ship time.I'd skip the hamburgers though & have a burrito or some good Island food.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/20/05 05:09 PM

Yes we are going on a cruise ship, it was the cheapest way for us to go with a total of seven of us. My husband had checked into going to Caves branch but with the airfare it was toooo much. And I really wanted to go back to Cozumel to go to Xcaret. So this way we can do both!! I would still like to go and stay a week in Belize but when the children are older and can go cave tubing and do the zip lines. And for the food my husband had the burritos last time and is looking forward to them, but I'm kinda of a picky eater so I'll stick to hamburgers and cheese fries!
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/21/05 01:38 AM

It's nice to see the Caye Caulker humor still alive and well. First, I was not really born here, nor have I lived on CC. I would never "use the bathroom" in the open seas, except for the pee-break.

However, I could sense the overall tone of this thread was very casual. Cutrat, enjoy Caye Caulker! By the way, gotta get yourself on of Rasta Pasta's humongous burritos.
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/21/05 06:33 AM

and have a cold drink swingin in a chair at the I&I or conc chowder at the Sand Box or or ......
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Re: Bathrooms - 10/21/05 05:00 PM

Just another question, are there any rules about children in car seats or can they ride on your lay in a golf cart? Does anyone know how much it is to rent one?
Thanks, Cutrat
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