"Fans for KHMH Project"

Posted By: Auxillou Beach Suites

"Fans for KHMH Project" - 12/15/05 02:13 AM

Total received for the KHMH Fan Project is $3650 BELIZE DOLLARS. Thanks to
all who donated. Since it is too short a notice, a symbolic handing over of
the pledges will be held during the KHMH staff luncheon at noon today. I
am working closely with Dr. Rosado and his designates to make this a reality
as soon as possible. It will take a little time to identify the suppliers
for the fans and actually get them here but we will continue to keep you
posted every step of the way.

Thanks to all who took the time to help make this project a reality.

Thanks and cheers,

Total for all donors so far are:

Auxillou Beach Suites - $500
Chris & Pam Morrill - $500
Karen Cochrane - $200
Kerry Curren - $100
Hope & Dan Walters - $100
Beth Babecki - $200
Brian Boarts - $ 50
Stan & Flo McWillis - $100
Valerie & Eugene Meighan - $200
Marty Casado - $200
Ilna Auxillou - $200
Simon Backley $100
Diane Auxillou - $100
Steve Swasey - $200
Capt. Jeff Privet - $600 * (Our biggest donor and the prize winner for the most generous heart)
Lis Ross - $100
Barbara Kasak - $200 (money on the way)
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