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Beach - 03/19/06 08:36 PM

Just got back from the cay. It was marvelous! Great people all over.Thanks for advice to all on this board.iwould like to settle the question Is there a beach? Why do some people say no?
There is a mile long beach on the busy side East? which is covered with buildings. The Main Government built the sand but there is no local government smart enough to stop people from building hotels restaurants, setting up trinket stands, anything on the beach...what's left is doomed.
Don't know but they say the Mayor's Council who would be in charge of protecting public land has a big round building out on the public beach ,too.
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Re: Beach - 03/20/06 08:29 PM

Since you just returned, can you recommend any places to eat? We arrive April 26 and were curious.
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Re: Beach - 03/20/06 09:48 PM

We were there in Feb. My thoughts on where we ate.

Habaneros . Excellent and expensive
Wish Willy Surprisingly Good and inexpensive
Happy Lobster We like it for breakfast. Heard it was good for dinner.
Syd's Nice, cheap lunch. Sit at the patio out back. Didn't eat dinner there.
Herbal Tribe - Not special but I'd go back.

Several other place to check out too. We didn't eat at any of the barbecue places along Front St. but heard they were pretty good.
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Re: Beach - 03/22/06 04:58 PM

Thanks for the info. Can't wait to be on the island!!
Anyone else?
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Re: Beach - 03/22/06 09:10 PM

Hey there Windy... we arrive on Caulker on 4/25. This will be our second trip. Agree with prior post about both Habanero's and Herbal Tribe. Rainbow Grill was good for lunch - didn't try dinner. Did Glenda's for breakfast three times - my favorite thing was the huge bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice I bought there each morning! We had two great dinners at a place with an Asian name that I can't remember... and I don't have my journal with me right now.
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Re: Beach - 03/22/06 09:12 PM

Love the Rainbow..out over the water and consistently great food. Second the mention of Syd's, Happy Lobster for breakfast (or Glenda's)and Rasta Pasta.
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Re: Beach - 03/23/06 07:58 PM

Rainbow is great.........Syd's is fabulous.....and Rasta Pasta is my favorite
Posted By: AlJ

Re: Beach - 03/23/06 09:00 PM

I'm going to cast a dissenting vote on Rainbow. The setting is very nice. We thought the food was marginal last year and decided to not go back this year. We talked to other folks and they weren't thrilled this year. It must be up to individual tastes.
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Re: Beach - 03/23/06 11:08 PM

Thanks all!! I appreciate all the info. SeaDreams, maybe we will see you on the island. We are staying three nights. Then over to San Pedro for 8 nights.
Posted By: SeaDreams

Re: Beach - 03/24/06 12:56 AM

Windyw -

Where are you guys staying? We'll be at Seaside Cabanas 4/25, 26, 27 and 28. We're doing San Pedro before Caulker. Figured we'd save the relative calmness of Caulker for last... before we have to go home, boo hoo.
Posted By: tparsons

Re: Beach - 03/24/06 02:59 AM

seadreams..will be in caulker in Oct. doing the same thing, staying at seacabins...let me know how it goes...
Posted By: SeaDreams

Re: Beach - 03/24/06 07:03 AM

tparsons -

Is this your first trip? Since we are no longer Belize first-timers... just curious to hear impressions from someone elses first trip.

October last year was our introduction to Belize, and now that we're returning in "on" season it will be an interesting comparison for us. We so much enjoyed the lack of tourists (even tho we're obviously one of them). We did Cayo District plus Tikal, Ambergris and Caulker and had some places that were closed - but LOVED the experience.
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Re: Beach - 03/24/06 03:17 PM

We are staying at Seaside also. 26, 27, 28 April. Not our first trip to Belize. First time at Seaside Cabanas. Stayed at the Rainbow hotel last time. One night was all the time we had. Been to San Pedro many times. Counting the days!! Hope to see you on the 26th!!!
Posted By: SeaDreams

Re: Beach - 03/24/06 07:05 PM

Yes - counting the days! Look forward to meeting you windyw.
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Re: Beach - 03/29/06 03:54 AM

29 days til I get to the island. Any where for a realy good rum punch??
Posted By: AlJ

Re: Beach - 03/29/06 04:51 AM

We found out in February that Seaside has wonderful Pina Coladas. Especially at happy hour.
Posted By: SeaDreams

Re: Beach - 03/29/06 07:16 AM

WooHoo!! 24 days to Ambergris AND 27 to Caulker. We'll look for you windyw and buy you a rum punch if we catch up! Dang - the countdown is always so hard! (But the anticipation is so sweet.)
Posted By: pj the asphalt lady

Re: Beach - 04/06/06 09:04 PM

I just returned from the island and the best place for breakfast was inside the seaside. we also ate dinner there s few times it was pretty good. I don't eat fish or chicken but was told by my brother it was great.
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Re: Beach - 04/07/06 12:43 AM

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