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Public Beaches - 04/09/06 02:33 PM

Just a note to let visitors to Caye Caulker know that all beaches on Caye Caulker, and in deed in all of Belize are PUBLIC. It is Queensland (the first 60 feet) and for public use. So if a property owner tells you to get off his/her beach, they are wrong to do so. The police can't/won't come and remove you from the beach, as long as you are behaving yourself and not doing anything illegal.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/09/06 04:18 PM

She is helping you out here, but don't focus too much on the 60 ft part. Erosion is a factor. You can see where the beach is and it is yours to use.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/09/06 06:42 PM

Thanks for the clarification Dane. Anyone posting a "Private Beach" sign or advertising a private beach is just fooling themselves.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/10/06 01:33 AM

Hello everybody, Earth day is April 22nd. Urging all business's and individuals to do their part and adopt the beach, street or area around their home or business to help keep it clean from trash.

Make a difference for the underwater environment while having fun and getting wet. Dive In To Earth Day is a global event taking place the week of Earth Day, April 22, 2006. Dive In offers dive operators, divers, snorkelers and water enthusiasts of all ages the chance to participate.
People across the globe are gearing up for annual Dive In To Earth Day events. Dive In engages dive volunteers in hands-on aquatic conservation activities including:

• Shoreline and underwater cleanups
• Fish ID, reef or sea turtle surveys
• Mooring buoy maintenance and installation projects
• AWARE Kids events
• Project AWARE Specialty courses
• Whale Shark Project photo excursions
• Ecology dives
• Environmental seminars, fairs or fundraising events

More than 1500 activities have taken place in 103 countries and territories around the world since Dive In’s inception in 2000. This year, Dive In To Earth Day organizers, Project AWARE Foundation and CORAL, expect hundreds of activities to take place in at least 70 countries.

Please check

Please pass on this message to your friends.......Lets all try to make a difference in Belize.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 02:01 AM

Thanks for the info about the public beach and Earth Day... will get some people involved and help out.

There are some nice sunrise and sunset beach areas. ALL are public, weather there is businees or private home there. Enjoy the views with respect to the property owners in front of these areas!

Happy Views!
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 03:27 AM

Hmmm! If all beaches are public how come no one can step foot at the Tourism Village? Isn't that private property?
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 05:12 AM

We are talking about beaches on Caye Caulker, not riverfront property in Belize City.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 07:16 AM


So, how come you can't go to the public beaches of Caye Chapel without some guard chasing you off? Or how come you can't just dock up at Tobacco Caye and claim you came to come on the beach? Different rules for different islands? Why so?
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 05:55 PM

No guard ever chased me off Caye Chapel.I have been there amny times. The only time I stopped at Tobacco they greeted me and ignored me. I have gone in Tourist Village at my leisure. There is little reason to do so except at night and that guy is in court to let him open back up.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/11/06 06:27 PM

You be a white boy, dude. That opens many doors in this country. If you are a local they surely don't greet you the same way and there ain't no public beach.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/13/06 06:59 AM

Sure you said it all! Freaking Gringos Rules, Belize it or not. As Belizean ( born both parents are Belizeans) you can't enjoy beach walk with out the harasment of owers of front beach.Unless you are white . Oh thanks to those asshole who sell their piece of jewelry to them . Now they have to ask permission to walk in there "own land "

Que chingen su madre los grenchos!
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/13/06 06:39 PM

Message from the real world!
White people get hassled by the same folks who think they own the beach. Property owners who hassle me have mostly been Belizian.
Every time I went into Tourist Village it was with a Belizian or to meet one for lunch who was already there, so the theory that locals can't go there is a mystery to me.
Belizians sometimes get hassled at high dollar places and have some very real complaints that need to be addressed. The people most likely to rise to address this are gringos because many care about fairness a lot.
There is a group of locals who would like to divide the public into the "gringos taking over and getting all the breaks" and "locals who can't walk on the beach, go in Tourist Village, water pressure always lower at my house..."
This group of Belizians alienates those who are most eager to set things right.
Wake Up.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/14/06 02:18 AM

I am white and have been run off beachfront property by belizians. Was told I didn't belong there. I've also been to tourist village with Belizian friends. Guess it depends on the day and what kind of mood it is. Seems to me that most people there spend their time back-biting........
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/15/06 04:11 PM

well the most comon one in caye caulker chasing people off the beach is top wedding crasher not for hiting on girls tony vega chasing people off his beach and not only that for that he gets to be one of the top belize tourism board elected for this year to coparate promote tourism,wow, chasing people off the front beach and thinking he owns it. and you get [#%!] rewarded for being a dick to tourist and locals ha ha wow.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/15/06 06:19 PM

On Tobacco Caye, everyone seems to me to congregate on the Tobacco Caye Lodge property. It is an east side to west side property...the dock faces west and the bar is located there, then a large stretch of sand going eastward to the kitchen/dining room and beyond that, the cabanas and the reef again. It's as much "private" or "public" property as any other part of the caye, yet it is treated like a public park whereas other properties are not. I think it depends on how the owner of the hotel or house maintains/patrols the property.

For example: people staying at other hotels, or who come ashore from anchored catamarans costing $1,000+ US/day, feel perfectly justified to walk up to the TCLodge chairs and picnic tables, throw down a towel on one (or more) to "save it" while they snorkel, go eat lunch or do whatever. I've seen people from Gaviota's carry TCL's wooden chairs into the sea so they could stay cool while reading, no thought given to the effects of salt water soaking into the chairs and the metal hinges used for folding. The only time I've seen the owner of TCLodge tell someone to get out of his chairs was when he caught these jokers sitting on them in the sea. Granted, he does run a bar and if people are buying drinks they are certainly entitiled to seating at the bar or on the chairs, but the staking out of chairs and sunbathing territory often occurs early in the morning, long before the bar opens at about 3PM. Sometimes every single chair is full of people from the other hotels on the island and day trippers with picnic baskets. They don't hang around on the beach at the hotels where they sleep and eat? Why? None of those people are ever run off as far as I have seen: not run off the beach, not run off TCLodge property and not run off the chairs that belong to the property. Likewise, if you go to buy a drink at Reef's End or Ocean's Edge, you can enjoy your drink on their decks and chairs and hammocks.

However, if you are staying elsewhere, many of the hotel owners (whose guests spend all day on the TCLodge property and only come back for meals and sleep) WILL tell you to haul y'rass right outta their hammocks and chairs if you settle down in one without permission. They will tell you those hammocks are for their guests, and they are right and within the rights of ownership.

I have never, ever, in years of visiting TC seen ANYONE or HEARD of ANYONE being told they can not walk by on the beach or told not to enter or exit the water at a particular point. Some property owners are vigilent about the chairs and hammocks they have placed on their properties. Some are not.

The solution is for people, locals and tourists alike, to be considerate.

What a concept.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/16/06 04:09 PM

Am black, lived in belize for over a decade and have been chased from beaches here as well. The tourism village is commerical property and has rules/guidelines for visitors as well. I again been to the village with belizeans and foreigners for pleasure and business puropses. PPl ii all depends on how u conduct oneself in public or in any establishment. Go there with an attitude and you will be greeted with one in return. Try being humble and not worrying who sold what to whom. Its all here to be enjoyed by all.
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Re: Public Beaches - 04/19/06 04:12 PM

End of story. If you white u str8 if you Belizean u are [#%!],worst if you Black. Damn this people who discrimite! Oh and about the Vegas hmm I am sad to say it it true. Give power to the power and you get a ... you end it. As for me.. I walk in the beachs in caye any time of the day and " they " don't say one rass to me. Make dem know DAMN IT!
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