looking to invite belize bartenders.

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looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/15/06 04:57 PM

Does any one now any bartenders of belize that compete intenationally to give them invitations to represent belize in eruope.

If any pls Don't be afriad to respond soon.
love barrel.
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Re: looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/16/06 05:33 PM

You might want to send the invitation to either the BTIA (Belize Tourism Industry Association) or the BTB (Belize Tourism Board) who have extensive databases that could help you to publicize the invitation.

I don't have the e-mail addresses handy for these two organizations but you can google them to find a contact e-mail.

Thanks and cheers,
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Re: looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/17/06 08:49 PM

ok all i need from you is this.I need Drinks list, itinerary, products lists, registration sheet, Prices of course, Hotel information, Judging sheets,
Is there going to be speed round, pour test, flair exibition and working flair?

i will see if i can make it in your schedule. like we just missed cancun best flair bartenders 2006 comp cuased of easter fest to busy to go.

any way i a m official FBA member and i do participate internationally. cheers mate looking foward this ending of year to make it to the road house in u.k. and paris open in france and fit in italy and in odessa ukraine ha ha. cheers later.
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Re: looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/19/06 03:55 PM

I gusse the person who originally post this topic ask for a person who " compete intenationally " HE did not ask for a resume and knows what he is talking. I gusse who that Fb something is? He seems to quite know a lot however contact BTB .Like Aux.. say they have plenty of info ...
Cheers ,
Entice me
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Re: looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/20/06 03:53 AM

contact btb for what taste of belize wow not thanks. got international competittions to worry about and training to do.
oh by the way.
the winner of the most popular drink of 2005 is caipirinha pls [#%!] that is a brazilian drink the most common any one will now that the name already exist and it is famous damm who was judging.

and what i ask for is what any regular bartender will ask, or previous international competitors ask for, weather they are profesionals, semipro or beginers.

sorry if it bather people. but you can see why a fellow belizean can't get up there cuased every one get itchi about something.
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Re: looking to invite belize bartenders. - 04/20/06 08:31 PM

wow lisen actually for you to participate internationally you have to be a bartender and have a very good resume on previous competitions and have a good background i think.
hope it easy this thing.
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