Where is Seaside Villas

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Where is Seaside Villas - 05/14/06 01:51 AM

I was websurfing the other day , looking for real estate in Belize and came across Seaside Villas. of course I was shocked to see this. I live on Caye Caulker towards the south end of the island and never seem these buildings yet. To my surprise these villas are all marked sold which again is extremely odd or not, it depends how you view it. I know caye caulker is booming at this time with new ventures in the higher tourism market, real estate market and in all cases stuff for sale.
Can anyone tell me out there if these villas actually exsit ( in real tine, the building are there and availale for viewing) or is it a poilt project.

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Re: Where is Seaside Villas - 05/14/06 11:38 PM

I think this is the condo project that's supposed to be built across the road from Amanda's Place, blocking her sea view. No ground breaking yet as far as I can see, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen any day.
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Re: Where is Seaside Villas - 05/15/06 06:04 PM

Who is building this! I understood that there is no land, beach front, available! Is it one of the Vega Family, is that who I should talk to for work?

Thank you!
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Re: Where is Seaside Villas - 05/15/06 06:19 PM

Actually, the Seaside Villas condo project is a product of Seaside Cabanas Real Estate Company called Caye Real Estate. I believe they already have land available and the project is moving forward.

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Re: Where is Seaside Villas - 05/16/06 04:54 AM

It is Dewey - the guy who built that hotel and sold it to the present owners. He a stand-up guy and is very likely to come through for the clients. Condos will eventually line the beach wall to wall and Dewey gets credit for starting that and ending a life many here treasure.
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