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RE: Board Etiquette - 05/20/06 03:03 PM

Wendy, kudos to you for trying to get some form of order to this board. You know who I am...we were neighbors way back when Caye Caulker was just plain old Caye Caulker.

Those who want to know the real truth about Caye Caulker need to know that the filth that is spread of MY island doesn't even come from native Caye Caulker folks. They come from the ones who came to Caye Caulker and are now trying to claim "I da from ya". Listen, unless you baan da Caye Caulker, you have no claims to that.

Anyways, Wendy, just remember the old saying that we would hear people like your Chi-Chi Marina and Miss Mitch would say, "La mala hierba nunca muere."
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/20/06 04:00 PM

Thanks for the vote of confidence, kudos.

Just for the record, we welcome posts from anyone who has something constructive to post, whether those posts come from people who were born on Caye Caulker or not. This board does not discriminate.

Profanity, character assasinations, personal insults and libelous comments are unwelcome, however.

Thanks and cheers,
Board Captain

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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/20/06 06:43 PM

Several posts have been removed from this board, so allowing all posts to remain is BS. Many of the posts come from both people who live on the island and those who have spent alot of time on the island. Why is it that when you go to other boards about other places there is never anything negitave. Let the truth be known. It can only help things there.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/20/06 06:54 PM

"Just for the record, we welcome posts from anyone who has something constructive to post,"

Thanks and cheers,
Board Captain
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/20/06 06:56 PM

all the people who are attacking the board pipple dem should know that he who pays teh piper calls the tune. if you are the one paying to keep the board up can dictate what can and cannot be put on it. who doesnt like it can pay for their own board to put whatever they like on it.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/21/06 06:20 PM

I will say the board used to be very informative, until a few days ago. As adults, you can separate truth from fiction. It was better when you had a choice to decide if this is s/thing you want to read. Now, the board is a one sided as we say in the Real World---your service is no longer needed
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/21/06 06:45 PM

Post your Email and ask the admin to forward the deleted posts directly to you. Like offensive Email?
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/21/06 07:25 PM

dear ok, the rest of us who can finally enjoy the board now that its been rid of all the obsenity and agression will surely miss you esp since you had a lot of interesting stuff to post. have a great life
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/22/06 11:26 PM

Why not let the truth be known? This board was a communication board as well the truth be known. Now it will be B/s board with all good things about CC. What about the bad stuff. Seems like censorship to me. Oh well I guess we will not know the truth until we find out on our own.
Thanks Wendy
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/22/06 11:54 PM

seriously folks, the reason we need to watch it more is because the traffic is increasing. ridiculous and slanderous and personal posts will not be tolerated. this is not the publi square. there is no RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. this is a forum, and kids come here, and so you cannot simply say whatever you want NO MATTER NO MATTER NO MATTER, and just rip on whomever you feel like. if you have such gripes about someone or something. get PERSONALLY PROACTIVE and actually DO SOMETHING besides HOLLAR.

obviously some moderating is necessary. it has always been here, but we are tightening it.

we moderators get a lot of nasty threats and insults that we can certainly do without also.

anyone who doesn't like how we moderate this forum is free to not come here.

no one will die. this is a forum for goodness sakes not a lifeline to reality.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/22/06 11:58 PM

bye ok.

have a good life

[email protected], if you think this boards represents all truth, find a life. i have to laugh where you say 'what about the bad stuff?" if you think all bad stuff gets purged, get real.

i have moderated this board and the larger one at // for over ten years. to accuse me of purging all the bad stuff is beyond ludicrous.

have no fear, bad stuff will be here.

safety guy, you seem to say if some posts are pulled, all should be. so if someone writes in asking about their two daughters, and somene posts that they were killed, when they were fine and dandy. i pulled that thread. should then the whole board be closed because one person is posting something that isn't true?

does purging a lie make the whole board UNTRUTHFUL? purging helps keep the board as close to truth as possible, which is all we can do.

otherwise anyone with any gripe can come here and RIP, and i get to take the heat cause you ain't got the guts to deal with your gripe in the real world? when someone lies i get the heat. when someone slanders a person, think maybe that person ever comes to me and asks why i would allow such a slander to appear on a public board?

YES THEY DO> PEOPLE WHO ARE SLANDERED DON"T LIKE IT and i have to stand up and take responsibility for the words of the slanderer whether i agree with them or not. they are now MY WORDS.

this is a privately owned board. i am responsible for everything that appears on this board. think about that for a minute. and then give me this drivel about how you can say anything anytime on this board or the board has no credibility.

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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 02:30 AM

"There is no right to free speech"
"Get personally pro-active"
"do something besides hollar"
"have a good life"
These are words of a person who is not well educated. I wonder who made you the moderator?
Get real man. If this is what you want to run " a private message board" then you should just talk to yourself or run a pornsite or political message board.
I think you are an idiot and you have an interest(monetary one). Someone has to pay for advertising, and I definitely would not be the one.
Enjoy the board to yourself.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 09:22 AM

i pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep this site up and received about oh about ZERO last month in advertising. i hate ads and just don't have em. so no monetary interest, sorry to disappoint you.

by the way, ALL these boards are privately owned. someone has to own them my friend.

as for your slanders, which just keep pouring from your mouth like breath....

you call me an idiot, poorly educated, tell me to go run a porn site.

those are EXACTLY the kinds of personal attacks that have no place here.

no logic, no reason, just mud on the wall. you have been a great contributor- NOT

bye bye
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 09:31 AM

just fyi, i also pay for every byte that is used typing by people. i pay myself, with no recompense, for this board to be open for discussion. when you tell me how stupid i am, i pay for that. when you tell me i can't run the board i pay for, i pay for that comment too. a small amount granted, but its nor free. KNOW THAT. ITS NOT FREE.

i get a bill every month for bandwidth usage, just like an electric meter. tick tick tick.

my name is marty casado. here's my email - [email protected] email me there. at least the insults are free to me with email. of course thats private and you want to yell in public. and that doesn't get cranksters off as well.

and tell me again why i am supposed to pay for your right to insult me and not have the freedom to remove your slanders of me from the board i pay for?
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 01:52 PM

Dear Marty, I for one, and I know of many other people in the wider Caye Caulker community who are very grateful to you for providing us this forum free of cost for the past ten years.

For those that do not know, Marty Casado was the pioneer who built the first website on behalf of the people of Caye Caulker. I do believe the one or two existing websites at the time (if there were any) were privately owned. This website has been maintained and hosted by Marty out of his pocket for ten years as a public service and nothing more. Marty has not made anything from this site.

The ungrateful people who are attacking Marty and the board should be ashamed of themselves. I would like to see the contributions to Caye Caulker that any of the attackers have made.

Go, Marty, Go!

Thanks and cheers,

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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 05:27 PM


If you are concerned about the cost/maintenance of this board, being that it is now 2006 and technology has come a long way, may I recommend: (by

These days you can do just about anything for free on the web. Understandably, you prefer to NOT advertise so each of these free sites have a ad-free option for $7/mo.

As far as the strict moderation of this board, I think it is a good thing. Unfortunately, what I cannot stand is removal/closing of topics because someone finds it "offensive". Forum moderation means something different to me.

Additionally, with these new "policies", we have seen a sharp increase in shameless advertisements for one's businesses, newpaper, family and friends. You say you don't want ads (banner ads and such)... but these ads lately are more like product placement right into the posts. Could you please remind us of the board's policy on spam?

I will propose again... Create different sections, as you have done with One for tourists, one for locals, one for announcements of one's "services" and so on. Then a moderator's job is not to censor, but to simply move the posts to a more appropriate areas. Then let the members/guests decide what forums to read and what to believe or not to believe.

I sincerely appreciate the time and cash you have put into maintaining these sites over the years. However, the recent changes alarm me both as a fan of Caye Caulker and as a concerned netizen.

Just my two cents...
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 05:50 PM

Dear Knbr...

Your points have been well taken.

While there is no problem with compartmentalizing the board as you suggest, the issue of liability remains.

Regardless of where boarder's "rants and raves" are posted, they will still be weeded and monitored. This board will not take liability for litiguous posts by anyone.

I know of no Belize message board that is not moderated and/or censored and the people that own them know why this has to be so.

Regarding your view on the posts containing advertising, every single post to the board has been Caye Caulker related. Sure there is some advertising of new services and what not but it is all informative despite the plugs. If you feel that the level of posts are not up to your liking then you, too, can feel free to post about what on the island interests you. Just make sure your post is not libelous. We welcome posts from anyone as long as they are constructive. If you have something you'd like to add that would make for more interesting reading than what's being posted, then post away. By all means.

Moderators to this board are voluntary, and the board is a public service paid for by one man. It is a thankless job, obviously, but we will not be deterred from providing a "g" rated forum for families and the larger community to enjoy.

Thanks and cheers,
Board Captain
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 06:21 PM

I support Marty and Wendy wholeheartedly with their efforts to clean up this board. This board had become a minefield of hatred and bitterness which is unlike the lifestyle on Caye Caulker.

None of the people who have sent hate mails so far are from Caye Caulker. Let them leave if they want to. They provided nothing positive to the forum anyway, only ugliness. They have no personal interest in Caye Caulker other than their own bitter personal agendas and so have no care if Caye Caulker's image is destroyed.

Johnny-come-latelys like one of the posters above also need to be excused. Some people like to think that because they have been someplace a short while it makes them an expert.

Caye Caulker is a unique and beautiful island. It is a welcoming and tolerant lifestyle. Some people mistake that tolerance for a free-for-all. Not so. Everywhere you go, there are limits. Its the same here. Be a decent house guest and abide by the rules of the house or go find a roof over your head someplace else.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 08:15 PM

Hi Knick, i like more physical control over my files than is offered by public services. i'd rather pay the bill. its not a huge amount.

good recommendations. we don't have categories here yet. its an evolutionary thing as more traffic develops. probably something we should discuss and do.

as for shamelss advertising, i have been quite busy with a very sick relative and haven't read all the posts over the last couple days. can you provide some examples? email me at [email protected] if you would rather not post them

thanks for your nice words folks.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 05/23/06 10:58 PM

Sackin groovy thread!

Freedom to post comes with the responsibility to post responsibly.

The innocent people whose reputations are crucified by sissy anonymous posters have rights too. They have a right to not have their reputations soiled because some crackhead somewhere needs a quick junkie fix.

I do believe the knickerbocker was taking a cheap shot at the lady captain. Aye, aye captain. Stare him down woman to man. He/she wants your job.
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Re: RE: Board Etiquette - 06/07/06 01:37 AM

So if someone on CC has caused you bodily injury or has threatened or stalked you, I think others need to be warned about this person whether it is a friend of the moderators or not !
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