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CCRC computers - 06/01/06 10:23 PM

How's this project coming along?? Haven't heard anything about it since the original post and was curious to know what progress is being made. I am going to make a presentation at church to try raising money for the computers and would really like some pictures of the school and kids. If you have any for me, please send them to me at [email protected] Thanks. :-)
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Re: CCRC computers - 06/02/06 08:48 PM

After a series of 4 fundraising raffles this year, enough money has bee raised to buy 3 new computers and repair one other one. When school starts in September, we will have a network of 6 computers. As the average enrolment in each class is approximately
30 students, this is not adequate for the school's needs. Our goal is to have 15 computers in total, so we need 9 more computers.
I was over at the school yesterday to complete the computer order. The new computers will be in place shortly. I will go over to the school again soon as possible and take some pictures to aid you in your fundraising.
During the summer, educational games will be installed on the computers; as well a system to control the secure and safe use of computers will be set up. Further training of the use of these games will be given to the teachers.
Any donations to the school for the computer project would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to:
The Principal
Caye Caulker RC School
General Delivery
Caye Caulker
Central America
Attention: computer project
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Re: CCRC computers - 06/03/06 01:02 AM

Check this link. I buy excellent used computers from this place for years now. Check shipping though.
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Re: CCRC computers - 06/03/06 01:03 AM

Forgot the link
Look under bulk computers
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Re: CCRC computers - 06/03/06 05:13 AM

To Ms Ellen and the other fundraisers

If you'd like them sent out, I can supply the class pictures I took in February and am happy to take any additional pictures that will help in the school's findraising. I have hundreds of photos of the Caye's children, but would want parental permission before posting any of individual children.

You can email me on [email protected]

Nadine the Photographer
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Re: CCRC computers - 06/03/06 09:44 PM


That's a great idea. I hope you are successful in getting parental permission for the pictures. Feel free to take more photos of whatever you think might be helpful. Then just email them to me at my email address posted above. The more photos and information I have for my presentation, the better. Thanks for your help!
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