Caye Caulker Experience

Posted By: crazy_canuck

Caye Caulker Experience - 01/19/07 11:43 PM

We just arrived back in Canada from our third trip to Caye Caulker. We had a great time for two weeks BUT our SCUBA stuff was stolen from outside on our second night (behind a barbed wire fence that was locked). It was disappointing - we tried not to let it ruin our trip but felt as though from the conversations we had while we were there and the radio reports we heard that the crime rate has gone up. In all fairness it may not be a local that is responsible - apparently some people come on boats - steal and then leave before the sun rises.... this is really too bad. We have been to Caye Caulker and LOVED it in the past - our experience, although wonderful was tainted this time with the theft, increases in prices (for groceries, meals out, etc) and increase in cars and trucks in the streets. I will cherish the memories we have from Caye Caulker but feel as though I will choose somewhere else to visit next time.
I hope the locals in Caye Caulker will continue to take pride in their BEAUTIFUL island and will do everything to keep the beauty and allow the tourists to have a great and safe experience.
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/21/07 07:53 PM

We will be making our first trip to Caulker in August, we chose this location simply because of the cheap food and the fact the island does not have cars; an idea that we found very fascinating. When did the cars/trucks come to the island? About how much does it cost to eat out now, we budgeted about $250US/week for two people. Is that reasonable? Thanks
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/21/07 08:36 PM

Lobster cost me $14 plus tip / drinks at the Sand Box in Dec. The 4 of us ate there for $50 us for lunch plus tip. That includes few belikins also.
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/22/07 02:40 AM

On the flip side you can have very good meals for $5 , Munchies has wonderful chicken Fajitas for dinner for $4, plus about 5 other items all good. You can have a good meal at Syds for $5. Get into the Culture at Herbal Tribe , wonderful Spanish Tacos, BBQ Chicken, Burritos $5. Several Chinese Restarants with a selection of Dinner Items $5 some even less. Many places serve garnaches for .25 each, Tostadas for .50 each. You really shouldnt have to spend more than $1.50 for a burrito for lunch. If you are hungry get 2.We have a pretty good bakery for breakfast, and lots of fruit stands. Its difficult for a first timer to the island to know exactly where to go, but people here are pretty friendly if you ask, they will tell. Caribbean Colors has a great little food stop. They use fresh veggies etc, great homemade breads, sandwhich wraps, healthy stuff. Theres probably at least 5 places I have not mentioned, but good. As far as the golf carts and trucks, some things are hard to stop in a growing community, Let San Pedro remain a reminder to us.
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/22/07 04:20 PM

Well we made most of our meals - we ate great FRESH food and only budgeted $10 BZ for each day ($5 US) if you are able to make some of your own food then I seriuosly suggest going to the Beer Depot and buying a box of shrimp - awesome shrimp and our box only cost $30 BZ ($15 US) and there most have been 100+ shrimp!!! The local grocery stores are great - ChinaTown, Rays and Chans - shop around and you will find some great prices!! To eat out we found that the prices of the most popular spots have gone up (Rainbow, Habenaros, Don Coreleones) but with your budget and if you make some of your own meals you will be fine. I guess with Caye Caulker and Belize becoming more of a hot spot the prices are apt to go up - it is just too bad when you are used to the Caye Caulker from the early 2000s...lots of changes. Make sure to lock up your documents, etc. I strongly suggest talking to Maria Vega for a place to stay - she is wonderful and the prices are fair!!
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/23/07 03:31 PM

I had a horrible experience there a year ago. Her daughter was our waitress and she was still running it.
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 01/23/07 04:05 PM

whoever had it before did a terrific job - now.... not so much!
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Re: Caye Caulker Experience - 02/04/07 02:40 AM

just like anywhere lock it or lose it. Caye Caulker rocks and so do the people. Just be wise and aware as I do in my own land.
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