Recent Caye Caulker Trip

Posted By: AlJ

Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/04/07 01:24 AM

We just got back from our third visit to Caye Caulker. Another very nice visit. For all the talk about Rasta Pasta, we made our first stop there and had a nice dinner with good service. Also saw the island championship basketball game and enjoyed that too.

If you're interested, the trip report and pictures are on our website.

If you met a young girl named Moment, she's our daughter. She loved it.

IF you want to see previous trip reports and pictures, you can go up one level from this one to see the others. If you have troubles navigating the pictures, click the help at the bottom of the form.
Posted By: Mickey1

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/04/07 11:02 PM

Thanks for sharing the pictures. We were there April 2006 for our first visit to CC. Stayed at Iguana Reef Inn which was very nice. Could easily go back especially since having cold/snowy weather in Ohio.
Posted By: ILuvCayeCaulker

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/11/07 10:40 AM

Thanks for the story...My sister and I and our two children went over winter break for the first time and had an amazing time...I was like Moment I wanted to stay forever I felt at home...I was wondering if you had the chance to meet the Lyrical King...if so I made him a myspace page as a gift, check it out. He became one of my good friends on our trip and he named me him manager (all in fun:)....
Posted By: renski

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/13/07 03:12 AM

Hey ILCC..We met King last year..shared a few belikins with him as he entertained us with his knowledge of the Belizan state of guy! Ill try a post a few pics of him..cheers
Posted By: ILuvCayeCaulker

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/15/07 05:16 PM

that would be great to see more pics of him..could I use them to put on his site??
Posted By: Shellius

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 03/31/07 01:48 PM

AlJ, thanks for sharing your trip report. I've been back two weeks and I'm still in denial I'm home, so I haven't written mine up yet. I've been staring at my photos. It was our 2nd trip to Belize, first to CC and we hated leaving. For all that I have read here about how it's changed, it's still a stunningly beautiful place if you are coming there from just about anywhere else. CC people live in paradise, or close to it.

Lamani ruins are about the only ruins we have missed in Belize and they look spectacular. We had a terrible time lining up a trip to Altun Ha from CC and we finally gave up and went on our own with a water taxi ride to BC and then a regular taxi driver. We also had an uncomfortable dinner at Wish Willies, but had heard only good things about eating there. That was the only bad experience we had on CC. It was even fun riding bicycle in a short rainstorm. I'd go back in five minutes if I could afford it. I can't even afford to travel every year, but I'll be back when I can. Now I need to write it all down.
Your photos are great, I wish I had taken even more. Mine were mostly of sunsets and water.

Posted By: CarolynandGordie

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 04/16/07 01:33 PM

Hi! We are new to the board and planning a trip for March '08. Your pics are terrific! We were seriously looking at S.P. but now leaning more to C.C. We have traveled for years with Isla Mujeres being our main destination for the last 5 years and looking for somewhere new (for us) but with a similar pace. Thanks for "showing" us the streets of C.C.
Posted By: AlJ

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 04/17/07 10:56 PM

Thanks. Glad you liked them. You'll love Caye Caulker
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 04/19/07 03:11 PM

Been going to S.P. for a long time but after spending a few days on C.C. last 2 trips, next time we plan on staying in C.C. the entire time, like the slower pace & less crowded streets of Caulker.
Beautiful Island and love the view at the split drinking a cold one at my favorite bar in Bze The Lazy Lizard!
Loved your pics ALJ!
Posted By: lumen360

Re: Recent Caye Caulker Trip - 06/12/07 02:53 AM

I met Lyrical King last year on Caye Caulker. I have some photos I wanted to send him but lost the address he gave me. The one with the pier is where he showed me that he wrote Caye Caulker Bird Sanctuary. I wanted him in the picture so I merged it with portrait in a thoughtful mood. I thought he might like to use them. Would you like to post them?
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