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Posted By: jubilee

Jewelry Making - 11/16/07 07:17 AM

Thisis kind of a crazy question, but I was wondering if anybody knows if there are any stones or gems specifically indigenous to Belize? I have a friend who has never visited CC before flying down with me, and her passion is jewelry making. She kind of makes it a habit on all her travels to visit the shops that sell this kind of stuff. Anyways, when we googled, nothing came up. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find semi-precious gems or stones. We will visit the mainland and AC while we are there. As this is a topic I know nothng about, any info would be greatly appreciated!
Posted By: kris48

Re: Jewelry Making - 11/16/07 05:43 PM

Take a look at Ambergris Jade, on the main street in San Pedro. A bracelet I bought there has jade and some local stones. A place to start, anyway.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Jewelry Making - 11/16/07 05:45 PM

I get asked this question a lot. Although jade is found in Belize, there is no stone production. Any jade that you see being sold in Belize has probably come from Guatemala. Local bead and jewelry production is conch shell, coconut shell, black coral and wilks shell. Check Celi's giftshop on Front Street across from Tucan Giftshop for conch shell beads and charms. Orlando, the owner can also make special orders.
Posted By: nannersyak

Re: Jewelry Making - 11/16/07 06:30 PM

I wonder if anyone is aware of an online outlet for the conch shell, coconut shell or black coral jewerly? I would love to check them out.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Jewelry Making - 11/17/07 12:20 AM

Check out laws on black coral, conch and coconut are legal export and can be sold world wide, but in the U.S black coral cant be harvested and I dont know if it can be sold.
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