9-16 February

Posted By: windyw

9-16 February - 02/22/08 07:28 PM

My husband (J DOG) and I spent a wonderful week on Caye Caulker last week.
We really enjoyed ourselves, met some great people and mostly, just had a great time.
We stayed at Seaside Cabanas, which is a nice location and ate at many places during the week. Among our favorites were, Don Corleones(Valentines Day dinner), Habaneros and Rasta Pasta. All three places are very good, in different ways of course, but very good.
We had chicken nachos at the Rainbow that were very tasty, along with good drinks and an awesome view.
One place that we had wanted to try last time we were there and didn't have time was Syd's. What a great lunch place with cheap GOOD food. Their fried chicken is so good. I had a breakfast burrito that was really good. And a must try is the tosados.
Had coffee at Carribbean Colors, good stuff!!! And great stuff to buy. Yum.
Had breakfast a couple of times at Amor y Cafe. So good. I mean really good!!!!
But the real jewel of Caye Caulker is Caye Caulker itself. Laid back and beautiful. Lovely sand streets, friendly people always with a smile, beautiful children, good rum, beautiful weather and the split. The split is so beautiful, the colors of the water are impossible to describe. The Lazy Lizard Bar is great, love the new high dive. Met some very nice guys(Frank and Mikeywaz--Hi guys!!!) and talked to them for quite awhile. Great people.
All said, a wonderful week. Couldn't ask for more. cool cool
Posted By: sharyn and bob

Re: 9-16 February - 02/22/08 09:16 PM

Hi windyw

We also fell in love with Caye Caulker, so much so that we are moving there in about 10 days. Let me know next time you are coming and we can meet up for a drink for sure.

Posted By: Beachgal

Re: 9-16 February - 02/24/08 03:14 AM

Hi Windyw and Sharyn,

My husband and I just got back from 10 days in San Pedro, and we enjoyed it very much - but we spent one afternoon on Caye Caulker and my husband fell in love! next year we are going back and we're thinking of splitting our time between the two islands, and we're bringing our 13 year old son. He's easy to please so far so I don't predict that being a problem (a lot can change in a year for a teenager) but any suggestions on 2 bedroom accomodations would be greatly appreciated! Also any other tips on Caye Caulker.. We love being on the ocean, on the beach - we're not big night clubbers or shoppers, just want to be together and relax and play as a family.
Posted By: sharyn and bob

Re: 9-16 February - 02/24/08 07:48 AM


We are not big night clubbers or shoppers either, just looking forward to spending time on the beach, relaxing and learning to enjoy our retirement. However, from reading the posts here, we are also looking forward to day trips to San Pedro to meet all the wonderful people on here.

Our plan is to explore the country and take family around when they come to visit.

Posted By: windyw

Re: 9-16 February - 02/24/08 06:51 PM


Check out There is a nice 2 bedroom unit in Seaside Villa Condos. They have a nice location on the beach and a pool. We walked by it several times and it looked very nice, a newer place.

A couple of tips, eat a breakfast at Amor Y Cafe, heavenly. Julia, the juice lady has awesome juices. The "mix" is my husband's favorite. She is located on Front Street near Amor y Cafe.
Syd's for lunch-cheap and very good!!

Your teenager will love the split.

You will all have a great time on Caye Caulker!!!!

windyw cool cool

Posted By: Beachgal

Re: 9-16 February - 02/25/08 06:51 PM

Thanks for the tips - Sounds great!

Posted By: tacogirl

Re: 9-16 February - 02/26/08 02:13 PM

Congratulations on your move sharynandbob
Posted By: sharyn and bob

Re: 9-16 February - 02/26/08 04:14 PM

Thanks Tacogirl.

It is a very exciting time, two more days here in hell frozen over (Edmonton) and then off to the coast (Victoria) to say goodbye to family and friends. March 4th will see us finally on our way!! I can't wait to get back there.

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