Any people around????

Posted By: Astrid

Any people around???? - 05/13/09 12:32 AM

Hé Guys,

Been travelling in Guatemala for some weeks now and the place seems empty!! frown Where is everybody? Thinking of comming to Caye Caulker but first want to know if there is any liveliness on the island. Any people around? Restaurants and bars empty at night??

Thanks for replying.
Posted By: Merster

Re: Any people around???? - 05/13/09 12:41 AM

I'm many miles away and just guessing, but I would say that folks are not traveling or going out with the terrible and rampant SWINE FLU (!) going around...
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Any people around???? - 05/13/09 01:14 AM

Where is the rolling eyes emoticon when you need it?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Any people around???? - 05/13/09 01:23 AM

We're having porker parties!
Posted By: skippy

Re: Any people around???? - 05/13/09 01:37 AM

Saw an interesting stat the other day. The ordinary flu kills more than 30,000 just in the US alone each year. Swine flu? 56 worldwide. Bird flu? 79 worldwide in the years since the pandemic hit us.

Media euphoria about a new panic? Priceless. Thankfully the mortality rate among the media will be 100%. Someday.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Any people around???? - 05/14/09 08:15 PM

Not soon enough! grin
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