Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ?

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Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/05/09 04:37 AM

First I too will say how sorry and horrified I was to hear the news of Lurleen Young. Condolences to the Young and Badillo families of Belize, and to the community of CC who will miss her. I had just bought a ticket to come at Christmas and my heart sunk when I heard this news and also the H1N1 virus issue. WOW! Mainly my question is where are the safest places to stay that have good lock up at night? Anywhere from the Rainbow up to close to the Split. Haven't been back in years!! And hear that it has changed a lot.......more hotels, etc. But just to finish, even with all of this, we must keep in mind that up north here we have one murder per week at LEAST. You are still safer there on that island even on a per capita basis. SO YOU TOURISTS.......KEEP GOING TO CC.!!
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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/06/09 04:16 PM

I wouldn't let H1N1 stop me from traveling anywhere and it's not proven, as far as I know, that it's even hit C.C. It's flu season, period, everywhere around the world. Frankly, I'd rather have it and get it over with. I don't know where "up here" is but I know that where I am, yes, there are murders far more regularly but they are normally confined within the group of people who tend to use guns, knives, etc. on each other. And frankly, two violent crimes (or more) on a tiny island is a lot more threatening and scary than several in a huge city where the chances of me being targeted are slimmer. And I don't want to go for a vacation somewhere where I can't relax in safety with my friends and family. That's the big appeal of C.C. and the only thing that justifies paying the higher prices to be there (as opposed to other islands). So...C.C. really needs to address this with the police force, quite simply. These latest violent crimes did not take place in the middle of the night when everyone was under lock and key (though many other crimes have and do). So although you may want a place with burglar bars, that's not the only issue you need to be aware of....crime is higher on the island overall and C.C. needs to act fast or it will be another tough year for tourism if not longer.

CC condos near the split and Seaside Cabanas were pretty safe, if I remember correctly....but best to ask the hotel owners directly what kind of security they have. Ask for pictures as proof.

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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/07/09 02:50 AM

I got back from CC tonight. I stayed at OASI - near the airport. Never felt unsafe. Have also stayed at Iguana Reef and Amandas-no problems at either place.
I'm not saying that every place you stay is ok but we never have had any problems. Many places now have in room safes- although all I have used these for is passports, etc. Don't flash money and leave your jewlery at home.
The last 2 violent crime are completely out of the norm, but is is a little bit unsettling to think about. In talking to alot of locals this trip, most say that the majority of crime is not done by local people but by people coming in from Belize City or Ambergris.
The many businesses on Caye Caulker have huge investments to protect. They are begining to realize that being a "laid back" place is not synonymous with crime-violent or otherwise.
I love Caye Caulker and in the last 2 years there seems to have been a clean up of sorts, competition for the tourism dollar is fierce, and even a single bad report on the many travel blogs doesn't ever seem to go away.
Have fun Christmas- we are also going down the 23rd. to the 2nd.

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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/07/09 06:04 AM

Well, thanks for each of your reports. I do feel uneasy and not over flu actually. We expect to get the flu injections before the end of Novemeber in our area of Canada. But this murder and also the two women that were attacked and throat cut earlier in the year I believe makes one anxious and I admit that if I had waited 2 more days last week, I'd have booked for Cuba instead. But it's done now and I don't want CC to suffer do something with that police force, for one thing. And also I'll say thanks for hotel advice. But I can't afford places like the Iguana Reef. I will check out those others mentioned and see what looks good. Looking forward to being there for Christmas and the full moon at New Years!!! Thanks again.
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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/07/09 10:48 AM

I stay at the Ocean Pearl which I think is pretty safe. The owners, Frenchie and Gertraud live on site, The front gate is usually closed by 8 o"clock. They are located next to Wish Willy and across the street from the childrens park.
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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/07/09 04:41 PM

Oasi is a great place to stay. The owners, Luciana and Michael live on the premises and they are wonderful warm people. Highly recommended.
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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/08/09 12:39 AM

Thanks for the ideas for lodging. Hard to get a good safe place without paying high prices I suppose. But some of these must be new since I was there. Oasi for example. Where is it located? I know where Wish Willy is re: Ocean Pearl. MUst be new as well. Cause it was empty where Marie hung her laundry if I remember. Anyway.....I will check those websites. I had booked with De Real Macaw over a year ago but had to cancel, and so wonder what anyone had heard about that place. I could start there - with a rebate/hopefully. Again thanks for your help
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Re: Any good secure buildings to stay at on CC ? - 10/08/09 01:49 AM

OASI web page- It is near the airstrip, they have bikes to loan you, also Michael makes the best coffee on the island.
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