Driving Education

Posted By: Cooper

Driving Education - 03/25/10 04:12 AM

A few years ago a golf cart speeding at about 40 miles an hour almost hit me and my dog..when I yelled out to slow down the golf cart stopped and yelled back..I born here..I can do what I want...well the same family actually hit me with the roads better the Vega family is again speeding..running with a trailer full of bush on the wrong side of the road I went off the road as far as I could saw them coming and with a big bang they hit me...passengers yelled at Ms Vega that she had hit someone yet she did not was a minor incident but still just cause your born here...well what???
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Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 04:37 AM

Did you report this to the police? If not, then you should.
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Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 05:18 AM

Hi My Friend...
You know what..yes I should and I will do that..I am always telling people they have to report dog issues to the police. Now that we have the humane Society the community thinks we are in in charge of dog issues..we are not..its the Police..I am always telling people they have to report to the police..not us,
I will go tomorrow..even if nothing gets done..its the thing to are right....I will always remember the Hibiscus incident...the stolen flower..hope you are doing well...
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Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 03:01 PM

"The Hibiscus Incident" makes me laugh now. The same person who hit Debbie with the golf cart came with the police to my store because a hibiscus flower was picked from one of their bushes hanging over their fence onto the street. And to top if off, I wasn't the person who picked the hibiscus. The embarrassed police officer asked me to not do that again.
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Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 03:30 PM

Funny...we had someone come by in a golf cart one day and start pruning, literally, pruning some hibiscus hanging over our fence. When I asked what they were doing, the man on the cart said, "I planted those so I can have what I want". Well, ok.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 04:20 PM

I am glad you are ok - I wish people would realize speeding is dangerous.

"The Hibiscus Incident" sounds pretty funny though I can imagine at the time you might not have appreciated the humor quite as much.
Posted By: collyk

Re: Driving Education - 03/25/10 04:27 PM

Flower stealing...we had someone pull up in their SUV (um in San Pedro this means you are easily identifiable - we know who you are), hop out with scissors to hand (they had obviously done a stake out and planned this well) and prune our passion fruit. They scarpered quickly when they realised they were being watched. If they had asked, we would have given them as much as they want, but it was much more entertaining watching them commit their heinous 'crime'.
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