Help the Ocean Academy - Vote Shop Green Belize

Posted By: MN Girl

Help the Ocean Academy - Vote Shop Green Belize - 08/21/10 03:35 AM

Does everyone know about the Latin American & Caribbean Climate Project Fund? Caye Caulker's High School (Ocean Academy) has applied for a $1000 grant for their Shop Green Belize project (the use of reusable shopping bags). The contest closes soon (the site says August 30th but others say it closes August 21st). So, get your votes in - Anyone can vote and the project with the most votes gets the grant. ONE PERSON CAN ENTER THREE VOTES! Here is the site:

1) Click the above link
2) Click "vote for this project"
3) It will ask you to sign up (your email and username and a password you create)
4) They'll send a verification email
5) Then you go back to the above link again, but now you are eligible to vote for Shop Green Belize. Log in with your email and password (it's very small font at the top that says "log in").
6) Click on Shop Green Belize. YOU CAN VOTE THREE TIMES IN A ROW FOR SHOP GREEN BELIZE, so be sure to go back to "vote for this project" and vote again for Shop Green Belize!
7) Please forward this email to anyone you
think might be interested/willing to vote. It's a popularity contest so every 3 votes helps.

As of this time, Shop Green Belize is in 4th place with 715 votes. First place has 1105 votes. If everyone on the message board votes, the Ocean Academy would get the grant money. Let's help them out!!!

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Re: Help the Ocean Academy - Vote Shop Green Belize - 08/22/10 04:34 AM

"Vote early and vote often"
Posted By: MN Girl

Re: Help the Ocean Academy - Vote Shop Green Belize - 08/25/10 12:19 AM

The contest is still open until August 30th (which is one week away). Remember that you have three votes. So, once you have voted, go back and click "vote for this project" two more times for Shop Green Belize. If all of the 100 some people that have viewed this page voted three times, the Ocean Academy would have 300 votes added to their balance. At this time, they have 777 votes still putting them in 4th place. The project currently in the #1 position has 1154 votes.

So, with one week left, everyone please help out the Ocean Academy and remember that the $1000 is $2000 Belize dollars. It is a simple thing to do and takes very little time. If you voted once but didn't realize you could do it three times, please go back and vote two more times. This contest is quite simply a popularity contest. The winner will be the project with the most votes. With the assistance of the kind people of Caye Caulker and the fine folks on this message board, they could quite possibly win this contest and promote a project that would benefit us all.
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