Posted By: Valentine

Caulker - 10/05/05 06:20 PM

I tried posting this on the Caulker Caye forum, but it isn't cooperating :rolleyes: so I've put it here.

After a week in Ambergris, we are heading to Cayo for a few days, then Caulker Caye for mid October for a week. Any help with the following questions?

Where can we rent a bike, and how much should we expect to pay?
What are some fun things to do on Caulker, places to hang-out?
Great places to eat, entertainement?

Posted By: reaper

Re: Caulker - 10/05/05 08:24 PM

You can throw a frisbee from one end of town to the other on Caye Caulker. Just show'll figure it out! AND, lock your bike up.
Posted By: Valentine

Re: Caulker - 10/06/05 09:14 PM

Sounds pretty smpe, cool:)
Do most bike rental places include a lock on AC and Caulker, or should we bring one from home?
Posted By: diane&greg

Re: Caulker - 10/06/05 09:30 PM

You won't need a bike on Caye Caulker.... it's a very,very very small island
Posted By: Valentine

Re: Caulker - 10/06/05 10:36 PM

Even better!
Posted By: gogo

Re: Caulker - 10/07/05 11:16 PM

it's great to have a bike on caye caulker. last time i rented a bike there the lock came with it. i got the bike from jo's deli and there was a decent weekly rate.

Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Caulker - 10/08/05 03:00 PM

I'll have to agree with d&g the bike money can be better spent at the Lazy Lizard meeting new friends! wink
Posted By: Valentine

Re: Caulker - 10/08/05 07:49 PM

LL will be one of our first stops:)
Posted By: windyw

Re: Caulker - 10/15/05 01:37 PM

Several great places to eat!! Rasta Pasta is heavenly and big portions. Had a good breakfast at the Sandbox. The Rainbow Bar and Grill has the best shrimp burritos I have ever eaten!! And my husband had the lobster special and raved about it!! There are a couple other places to eat but we haven't been there long enough to try them all, but that will change in May when we stay on Caulker for more than 1 day and night!!
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