No CC Lobster Fest BUT.....

Posted By: Lizette Alamina

No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/03/11 05:16 PM

Excerpt from The San Pedro Sun's Blog:

The San Pedro Sun was able to confirm that there will be NO Lobsterfest in Caye Caulker this year. This was necessary due to a decrease in support from the business community over the past years. The Lobsterfest Committee is a non-profit organization, and without the necessary support, the decision not to have a Lobsterfest was necessary. The main beneficiaries of Lobsterfest are the business community.

Our investigations further revealed that this is NOT the end of Lobsterfest for Caye Caulker. The team responsible for the event will be pounding the streets and working tirelessly immediately after the September Celebrations, preparing for Lobsterfest 2012.

With Lobsterfest not happening; you may ask, “What can we do in Caye Caulker instead?” Well, unconfirmed reports are that Lazy Lizard is planning a private Lobsterfest at The Split. Apart from that, Joanna Arellano, the Chairperson for the Caye Caulker Marketing Committee informed The San Pedro Sun that they have organized 2011’s Caye Caulker Cool Seafood Fiesta. The fiesta is scheduled to span two days, Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th at the Central Park/Basketball Court. The event promises to be filled with music, fun games, lots of food and drinks. Times for the fiesta are Friday 12:00pm until and on Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/03/11 05:37 PM

That is a shame that you are having your informal lobster fest on the same dates as the San Pedro Lobster fest. But folks have time to join the San Pedro Lobster Fest Grand block party at San Pedro Central Park which really starts to warm up around 5pm and goes on into the night with food booths, art booths, live music and a program of events on stage.
Posted By: Lizette Alamina

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/04/11 03:37 PM

Amanda, I understood that the San Pedro Lobster Fest is getting better every year since they started and it's been gaining a lot of popularity! I had a great time at last year's one, I should be at this year's one also for the block party.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/04/11 05:58 PM

I hope you will love it. It's a shame that we are hosting our fest the same dates as Placencia - but hopefully everyone that wishes to celebrate will be able to make it to one of these locations.

Its not all about eating the lobsters, but getting into the community spirit. Lobster fishing was a way of life for generations of San Pedranos.
Posted By: Dane

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/04/11 06:55 PM

why would the three islands do it on the same day? Seems easy to change...
Posted By: Cooper

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/05/11 04:48 AM

Hey Dane,
Just to let you know,...Placencia is not an Island. However it could become one at any minute with the small peninsula, any hurricane could do it.I know you know this, just a friendly harassment. You must have had a hard day,
Posted By: Lizette Alamina

Re: No CC Lobster Fest BUT..... - 06/06/11 09:48 PM

Couldn't the BTIA jump the gun and try and assign the dates for each location? If we leave it up to the Committees, that will cause bickering and back-stabbing, it would be useful for the BTIA's and BTB's input in such an activity.
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