The quiet north.

Posted By: MikeNCindy

The quiet north. - 06/20/11 09:23 PM

We were in CC the week before last, went to the north island expecting to see some development we were suprised how grown up it was, we did not see one human just blue crabs and Iguanas. What is the deal? I assumed it was moving along but looks like most buildings are stalled and/or for sale. Has the recession trashed all hopes for now? I know the electric has been put on hold as well. Any comments are greatly appreciated as the realtors still say "you gotta buy now" ??
Posted By: Dane

Re: The quiet north. - 06/21/11 03:29 PM

North island has a 40yr history of folks building homes and then wishing they lived on South Island. Some guys like Ron understood what he was doing but many others preferred to believe the realtors pipe dreams about big development coming.
The first time a realtor told me the power was coming -but stalled- was in 1985. I have heard it every year since then.It is true of course. It has always been coming for 35 years.
If you like big empty place with no stores or infrastructure or transport then North Island or one of the more remote cayes like Long Caye is for you. If you want to go out for wine and dinner sometimes without trying to steer a boat home in a midnight driving rain, stick with south island.There are lots of remote places here as well.
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Re: The quiet north. - 06/21/11 07:21 PM

There is also no power in south caye caulker - and itīs good like it is.
Posted By: MikeD

Re: The quiet north. - 06/21/11 08:25 PM

I have been researching Caye Caulker for over a year now. Barb and I are seriously looking at the island as our retirement destination. We plan to return several times before making our final decision. Our next visit will be in August. We like the main island for its convenience, others want solitude. My humble opinion is that the property on the North Island is priced higher than market value at this time.

My words of wisdom are "don't let anyone rush you into a decision to buy property in a foreign country without first knowing what it is you are doing. Buying property in Central America is different than in North America. Realtors are not required to be licensed to sell property and anyone can claim to be a realtor. Remember...their job is to get your to buy! Your job is to know what you are paying for."
Posted By: Dane

Re: The quiet north. - 06/21/11 08:49 PM

Well spoke.
Posted By: JdeVerteuil

Re: The quiet north. - 06/22/11 04:25 PM

Sounds like the perfect place to retire.
Posted By: Babsy

Re: The quiet north. - 06/22/11 05:00 PM

I know we have to check everything out, be sure this is right for the meantime I hate waiting!! :-)
Posted By: MikeNCindy

Re: The quiet north. - 06/22/11 08:10 PM

Yes, I am aware of the pitfalls. We have been considering Belize for some time. One thing that really shocked me on the north island was the trash on the beach, seems it would be easier to sell property if someone was hired cheaply to clean it up. I know it washes up on shore but it looks like nothing has been done for years.
Posted By: ron

Re: The quiet north. - 06/23/11 05:36 AM

I just got back from CC and spending a couple weeks on the quiet north island, its pretty much much like it was when I left a couple months ago. One of the reasons little activity is going on on the north island is the level of mosquito's was really high this time of the year. I was putting hurricane shutters up and it was brutal early morning and late evening. Not sure how enthusiastic I'd be cleaning the beach. And as far as I know the beach on the reef side of the island is privately owned with the owner not ready to make a big investment. Perhaps, the realtors who are urging everyone to buy now should hire a crew to clean - up the beach, they could also have them cut the grass in the road, etc.
There will be land on the north island for years. I tell everyone that asks don't buy unless its the piece of property of your dreams and your ready to build. The idea that its a good investment is a long term dream. Is there a shortage of property for sale? No, will property be worth more tomorrow not unless to create you own bidding war, because you have to have a particular piece of property. Otherwise, just keep looking whenever you come. At some point you'll see the right piece at the right price when your ready to build.
Posted By: MikeNCindy

Re: The quiet north. - 06/23/11 05:42 PM

Thanks Ron, yes the mosquitos were bad but bug spray seemed to be effective for a walk---dont know if I could handle that all the time though. I hope you all dodge those hurricanes !!
Posted By: JdeVerteuil

Re: The quiet north. - 06/24/11 09:38 AM

Excellent advice Ron, thanks.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: The quiet north. - 06/25/11 01:11 AM

Trash on the reef side of the islands comes in with the tides..plastic bottles, slippers, and a strange mix of stuff, not so much dumped. Its an endless process of cleaning. I have seen too many times local folks, and I am sure some tourist dump their lunch plates, drinks..etc into the water after eating. Trash on the mainland side is alot of times folks trying to put trash somewhere because they dont want to or cant pay dump fees.
Posted By: artisan

Re: The quiet north. - 06/26/11 03:44 PM

I think most of this refuse is dumped off the cruise ships?
Drifts in with the prevailing winds?
They are infamous for littering oceans.
Posted By: MikeD

Re: The quiet north. - 06/27/11 02:13 AM

Wouldn't it be ironic if the trash was collected and turned into art then sold back to the suckers who come off the cruise ships? :-) My mind is a terrible place to live.
Posted By: Dane

Re: The quiet north. - 06/27/11 02:33 AM

The flotsam dates at least from the 60s before the cruise ships.We used to say it came off freighters...
I have been on a saliboas where the captain tossed trash over and the passengers revolted
Maybe all the above
Posted By: Cooper

Re: The quiet north. - 06/27/11 03:38 AM

Pam Robinson..she has quite a talent for beach combing and creating art sculptures. She left about 12 pieces at my gallery and they sold quickly,,yes I think a market could be developed by creating more art from this debris..
Posted By: MikeNCindy

Re: The quiet north. - 06/27/11 05:23 PM

Perhaps a drift-flops store, could not believe how may single flip flops we saw. I saw one nice one, then the next day in a different area saw the match but could not remember the location of that 1st flop---crap !
Posted By: MikeD

Re: The quiet north. - 06/28/11 01:21 AM

I would be into buying some if I knew the waste not used in the sculpture was collected and disposed of properly.
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