Day trip to CC

Posted By: Bear

Day trip to CC - 09/13/11 03:18 PM

We have a short business mostly trip scheduled for Nov and wanted to head over to CC for a day. I'd appreciate any input on things to do and places to hang. Local eateries and a few small shops to visit, maybe a beach bar to hang and relax.

(Edit: I'll read up on the previous inquiries along these lines but meanwhile my alterior motive of having something other than "Security on Cay Caulker" staring at me from the Board Index has been taken caree of as well! smile )
Posted By: Gump

Re: Day trip to CC - 09/13/11 06:51 PM

I have the same question. So far I have seen the following places recommended, but don't have any info:

Lazy Lizard

Any details or additions appreciated!
Posted By: PSSunshinegal

Re: Day trip to CC - 09/13/11 07:05 PM

We ate at Rose's two weeks ago and it was probably the best meal or at least one of them while I was in Belize. Rainbow's Cafe was closed as was Rasta Pasta, thus Rose's and I can't recommend it highly enough. Wish I could show you pictures.
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Re: Day trip to CC - 09/13/11 09:07 PM

First, thanks for putting something above the "security" post! Another place that we keep going back to is a little cuban run outdoor place right in front of Popeye's Hotel (just south of main water taxi dock on the beach) I think it's called Havana -it's run by a cuban fellow named Clemente. We haven't been "home" since July - but they were open then. On weekends they have roast pig and a buffet. All the time they have fantastic mojitos. It's informal and lovely. All the other recommendations are good too - but I wanted to add this one as as well!!
Posted By: MikeD

Re: Day trip to CC - 09/13/11 10:41 PM

If you are looking for a "beach bar" then the Lazy Lizard is the spot on CC. Get a bucket of Belekin and dip your feet in the water, relax and enjoy the day!

If you want the best meal deal on the island take a trip down back street toward the airstrip. You will pass the primary school yard on your left. Shortly after that is a very small restaurant under a home. We had GREAT breakfasts there a few weeks ago, and CHEAP. The coffee is pre-sweetened, so if you like it black...don't buy it.

Roses is also very good, sand floor and picnic tables. You select your meal outside before you enter. Very fresh food.

A word of caution...stay away from Bambooze on the beach. The manager treats the help poorly and was not ashamed to tongue lash a boy he had hired to market his party (with some very offensive language) The food was good, right on the beach, but I would never go back there.

While there isnt much "to do" on CC if you are seeking vacation activity, the thing "to do" on the island is just relax and go slow. Enjoy the day!
Posted By: Bear

Re: Day trip to CC - 09/15/11 07:26 PM

good stuff folks thank you..much of this seems to be supported by earlier threads so thanks for your patience and the rehash...
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