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Nicknames on Caye Caulker - 02/04/12 02:39 PM

Anyone can remember those nicknames that people are famously known as on Caye Caulker? I came upon an article from the Caye Caulker Conch Telegraph published in June 2000 and I had to share on. People are known more by their nicknames than their actual names and some of them are quite funny but they are trademarked in some way or another as to how they got their specific nicknames:

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Re: Nicknames on Caye Caulker - 02/06/12 03:42 PM

I've lived here for 12 years and have often wondered how different nicknames were acquired, many of them are from childhood. Also, I noticed a few of the these guys have passed on, Rally, Skip, Fiji, Uncle Lou, Chispa, to mention a few.
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Re: Nicknames on Caye Caulker - 02/07/12 05:02 AM

Panty Man. always been one of my favorites, Mark. I know the story of how he got his name, but wont post it.
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Re: Nicknames on Caye Caulker - 02/11/12 12:30 AM

Ms. Beatrice Gallego just gave a refresher to a previous article submitted with nicknames on Caye Caulker and these are the ones that do not appear on the previous article. Feel free to share those additional nicknames that we are not aware of so we can also share on:

Zee- Emilio Novelo
Toll- Emmanuel Rodriguez
Mr. Wayo- Eduardo Reyes
Blue Wave Gerry Pacheco
Chiby Silvino Rosado
Pacha Rafael Reyes
Pelon Eduardo Reyes Jr.
Chano Marciano Funes
Mr. Sharty Mr Guzman (Blanco dad)
Weh Di Go ann Steve Lambert
Peachi Roger Salivar
Tox Roque Badillo
Chelino Marcelino Balam
Ms. Nils Ernilda Carrasco
Frenchie Efrain Novelo
Chabo Rene Funes
Piggy Porfelio Guzman
Mrs. Petty Petrona Joseph (RIP)
Dosey Marciano Madrill
Nei Nerie Marin
Mr. Belly Belizario Martinez
Ms. Lola Aurora Perez Alamina
Wayabo Eduardo Arceo
Jaguar Alisson Wright (Morning Star Hotel)
Tull Raul Young
Away Baff -Ophelio Madrill
Spin Norman Alamina
Cush Laura Chan-Badillo
Mami Mary Alamina
Marsh Marcial Alamina III
Titch Tina Auxillou

Caye Caulker Chronicles
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Re: Nicknames on Caye Caulker - 02/13/12 03:12 AM

What about Dirty Cash? He has done alot of work for us, nice guy. It would be intersting to know how these nick names came about.
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