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MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/19/12 06:11 PM

Any suggestions on where to find the best mosquito repellent? I would use Avon Skin So Soft, but I don't have any. I bought Off Deep Woods with 25% Deet & sprayed myself with it last night and went out. Didn't bother the mosquito's at all. They had a feeding frenzy on me.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/19/12 06:20 PM

I really like Nopikex, but so far have only been able to find it in Panama, and I understand will be easy for me to locate when I get to Colombia. If anyone else knows where this can be purchased please let me know. Thanks.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/19/12 06:22 PM

Oh, as for other repellents, pretty much need higher than 25% Deet. 25% is only good for about 1-2 hours, then needs to be reapplied all over. If you can find some product with 75-98% Deet buy it. It doesn't work any better than the 25%, but it works longer! Baby oil or Skinsosoft with some deet is good for around your ankles and lower legs, when it comes to the sandflies. In that case, you aren't so much deterring them, as drowning them in the oil.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/19/12 06:30 PM

I am a mosquito magnet. Seriously, even during dry season, they will bite me in bright sunlight. The only thing that works for me is the Sportsman's Off... 100% DEET. Yeah, I know it's not good for you, and I shower it off every night, but I don't leave the house without it. I also have a really bad reaction to the bites, so that makes it even worse. Seashell is right, the other stuff works, but not for long, and it takes a bite to let you know that it has stopped working. They lick that stuff off me as an appetizer and then eat away. Castillo's Hardware used to sell this Off product back in their lawn and garden section. Be careful though and wash your hands thoroughly after you apply it and be warned that it will melt plastic, take off varnish and nail polish. But it's the only thing that has worked for me.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/19/12 11:11 PM

I hate DEET. I get a product at Mirab in Belize City called Repel. It's a lemon Eucalyptus-based formula. Nothing will work perfectly with the crazy mosquito swarms we've been getting lately but I think this stuff works at least as well as DEET. And it doesn't dissolve your shoes!
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/20/12 12:12 AM

There's another DEET-free repellent called MozzyOff.
Google it for details.
Posted By: Bear

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/20/12 03:25 AM

Try Ultrathon II by 3M its about 37% but uses a proprietary slow release formulatuion that keeps me bite free all day. Another application late afternoon and I'm good to go for the night. I react similarly to shuffles, badly, so when I find something that really works I'm pretty happy.

If you can get Aeroguard from Australia it's a wonder product as well that uses pyrethrins(sp?).
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/20/12 03:40 AM

We use "Off-Deep Woods Sportsman" it is 98.25% deet, works like magic.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/20/12 01:10 PM

When we went to CC and inland we found patches that worked really well. They are don't bug me patches. They last about 36 hours. We use them all the time when we are backpacking. No deet either for those that are sensitive. Hope this helps.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/20/12 02:58 PM

We tried the patches with B1 and they didn't work at all, maybe a different company? We are allergic as well and Avon Skin So Soft does help though I can't tell the difference anymore between a sand fly bite and mosquito anymore since they both flare up on us both due to allergies. Deet sent us both to the hospital the first time we tried it in Belize because if it gets into an open wound (i.e. a bite you have already scratched) it burns holes right through your skin. Our legs then swelled and turned purple and we were on heavy duty antibiotics. No more deet for us. But there are some new suggestions above we're going to try!
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/21/12 08:19 PM

What a drag Tangles, I used to feel bad for myself but after reading your anecdote I feel pretty lucky.

By way of follow up here is a link to a source for Ultrathon 3M I mentioned earlier, and here is the 3M Ultrathon Military Products Webpage

Sorry Tangles but it does contain deet albeit at a reduced [concentration]. Look for a citrus/eucalyptus based repellant, or one based on pyrethrins perhaps.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/22/12 04:00 PM

At Amazon they offer a 12 count case of the Ultrathon 3M for 69.95 that is considerably less per ounce than the Sawyers lotion we usually purchase.....
Posted By: Bear

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/22/12 06:34 PM

Do NOT get the sponge applicator version sux from an application standpoint.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/22/12 06:43 PM

Thank you Bear...I double checked the 12 count is the regular lotion application...Whew!
Posted By: JdeVerteuil

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/23/12 12:57 PM

There is a radio station in France that plays, beyond the hearing of humans, the sound of a male Anopheles mosquito. Since the famale is already impregnated she is not looking for a mate and therefore flys away from the sound.
There was no scientific evidence to prove this worked but people say that when they listen to that station they do not get bitten.

Those of you that are MAGNETS for the little buggers it is because you are putting off to much CO2.

A friend told another that if he ate a match a day the sulfer would keep the mosquitos away. He figured if one match was good then one match box (20sticks) would be even better. After our little outing in the woods for a few days he really stank to high heaven. When his lovely wife picked him up she made him ride in the back of the truck. Her name was not Mosguito, but it did deter her from him for about a week. He slept outside at home.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/23/12 03:05 PM

Originally Posted by JdeVerteuil
Those of you that are MAGNETS for the little buggers it is because you are putting off to much CO2.

Damn! I'm the cause of global warming...and eating matches result in SO2 emissions which is a precursor to acid rain...what a conundrum.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/23/12 07:17 PM

So, about the CO2 thing; what does that say about us (lucky ones) that don't get bitten very often - are we good or doomed to some other malady\
Posted By: Bear

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/23/12 11:32 PM

H, It means you need to stand next to either keep the bugs away and/or sequester my CO2 emissions...
Posted By: JdeVerteuil

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/24/12 07:14 AM

If you stand next to Bear, CO2 generator, then you can sell your carbon credits to him and offset his ozone depleteing self. I would give him a discount on the carbon credits, seems like a nice person. smile
Posted By: Bear

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/24/12 03:15 PM

Mea culpa, massive CO2 generator I am, if bugs are any indicator, and yes Harriette will make a bundle sequestering those tons of carbon emissions. She actually ought to be able to buy that induction cooktop AND the gas range she wants.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/24/12 05:13 PM

I bought the induction cook top and it is great. It works exacty as advertised and the water boiled very quickly. My mac & cheese was the best yet.
Posted By: JdeVerteuil

Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/25/12 08:22 AM

There are some natural ways to reduce the buggers. Mosquito traps around the house and yard, cetronela plants, Bats, and dragonflys.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/25/12 04:02 PM

Jd, I suspect the entire bat population of Actun Tunichil Muknal might not even put a dent in the mozzie population of my "backyard" when theyre holding one of their conventions, but there would certainly be plenty of hors d'oeuvres to go around...speaking of traps...we have found when throwing a party we can protect the majority of our guests by placing a few buckets of iced beer in strategic locations at the peripehry of the property. This inevitably draws a few people to each of those locations and they'll greedliy sit on that beer stash as their own. This tends to draw the lil bloodsuckers to the outliers and leaves the central area of the party uninfested. A periodic refill of the buckets pretty much ensures a bug free night. I should add that we find that we constantly have to invite new people to our parties, not only to meet new people, but to provide fresh meat as the veterans of previous soirees know to circle the wagons at the buffet table and main bar.
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Re: MOSQUITO REPELLANT - 04/25/12 04:10 PM

Bear....Did I understand correctly?....You're funny....Using your guests as decoy bait....Be sure and put us on the next guest list...I'm sure I can help as I have a never ending entourage of these guys each evening...I'll stand where you tell me as long as I can have a glass of wine.
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