snorkeling laws???

Posted By: dwilken

snorkeling laws??? - 12/31/12 11:04 PM

i'm new to the forum and will be first time visiter in feb. i'm reading old posts and saw the one about illegal snorkelers picked up. i had dreams of snorkeling on our own nearly everyday for a month!! plan on taking a few tours but was hoping to just snorkel around the island. is that no possible?????-dave
Posted By: MikeD

Re: snorkeling laws??? - 12/31/12 11:19 PM

You can freely snorkel around the island. The area to be aware of is the nature reserve near the reef, but you will need a boat to get there...and a guide would be helpful.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: snorkeling laws??? - 12/31/12 11:36 PM

snorkeling around the island is not so good as the beach turns into turtle grass and nothing much to see. The Split is the best place, one can see rays, assortment of fish and under the cement wall in the channel on the bottom are always nurse sharks. You have to see what time of day is slack tide unless you are a very strong swimmer. I am not sure but it may be possible to Kayak to the reef if you have permission, most folks wont allow you to take canoes etc to the reef. You would also need to go to the marine reserve office and pay your park fee.
Posted By: Dane

Re: snorkeling laws??? - 01/01/13 06:55 AM

You can find some good snorkeling on the shore at the crowd.
Posted By: dwilken

Re: snorkeling laws??? - 01/01/13 06:13 PM

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