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Posted By: cindymc

easter weekend - 04/03/13 07:29 AM

I am soooo looking forward to my visit in May. I I have been researching destinations for some time. I wanted to find a quiet, peaceful, warm, safe place to relax in an island atmosphere. Every place I looked, every person I spoke with, pointed me towards CC. I am a realistic person, and I know that no place is perfect, but recent posts on the caye caulker facebook page and elsewhere are leading me to believe that there is more crime, less security, more drugs and more danger on the island than i originally believed. Please tell me it was just due to Easter weekend visitors.....
Posted By: Dane

Re: easter weekend - 04/03/13 07:48 AM

When you hear folks bitching about things, remember that the baseline from which they are judging is paradise. Every small event is an annoyance that can seem large to someone.
Also note that Ambergris has a different life and culture. Often their hassles are not ours.
Posted By: MikeD

Re: easter weekend - 04/03/13 01:39 PM

Most of the offenses against visitors are petty theft. Be smart and don't bring a lot of valuables. Anything you leave in your room should be hidden or locked up if there is a safe box. DO NOT walk the beach (or any dark areas) at night by yourself. There are many places there for perps to hide.

That said, there is not a lot of crime on CC. If you act smartly and do not leave yourself open as a victim, you will be safe. CC is definitely a quiet, warm, peaceful and safe island, enjoy!
Posted By: Nate

Re: easter weekend - 04/03/13 11:55 PM

Damn MikeD, I think you may be scaring people unnecessarily. Don't walk the the beach at night? Hotel burglaries sure but muggings? WTF?
Posted By: Nate

Re: easter weekend - 04/04/13 12:01 AM

Maybe I missed something recent though. Easter certainly brings some unwanted opportunists here. Police can't vet everyone in 3 days.
Posted By: MikeD

Re: easter weekend - 04/04/13 01:22 AM

Nate, nothing to be scared of. It isn't any different than any town in the US when it comes to personal safety. CC is a safe place, but know that as a visitor you are perceived to have $$$. I'm not sure how recently, but yes there have been incidents of muggings along the beach when there alone.
Posted By: cindymc

Re: easter weekend - 04/04/13 02:37 AM

thanks, I'm not really all that worried. I've had some bad things happen to me within 1 mile of my house! I had just read something on another CC forum (can't remember which one) that got me a little nervous. And my daughter has been there and fell in love with it.
Posted By: freeagent

Re: easter weekend - 04/06/13 04:08 PM

I was there for 2 weeks and walked around drunk as a sailor the whole time day & night and never had a of the best vactions I have ever had
Posted By: cindymc

Re: easter weekend - 04/06/13 07:27 PM

freeagent - HAHAHA!!
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