“Meet the Candidates” forum set for June 12!

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“Meet the Candidates” forum set for June 12! - 06/06/13 11:39 AM

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Village Council elections are set for Today!

Village Council elections on the island of Caye Caulker are set for Sunday, June 16th.

Five candidates are vying for the post of Chairman, while at least fifteen people have thrown their hat into the ring for the six councilor positions.

There are two full slates that have been presented. The remaining candidates are all running as independents.

The number of candidates contesting the election is not set in stone, as the first order of business on Sunday morning would be for willing candidates to present themselves to the election officers as candidates. Therefore, a total contestant count will not be known until the morning of the election.

Caye Caulker Village Council Chairperson Candidates provide answers at a peaceful forum

Islanders on Caye Caulker will be going to the polls on Sunday June 16th. While elections at the village level are a little different than town and national elections, a number of people have openly declared their intention to run as candidates. Five people will be running for the position of Chairman. Ahead of the elections, The San Pedro Sun newspaper, working in partnership with the Caye Caulker Village Council hosted a “Meet the Candidates Question and Answer Forum” on June 12th.

The five candidates are Wayne Miller, Philip Errol Guizar, Mineli Young, Marcial Alamina III and Eduardo Arceo. The event was well attended and questions ranged from issues relating to tourism, development, infrastructure and roads, taxes, noise pollution, governance and even crime. Each candidate was allowed four minutes for an opening statement where they introduced themselves as well as the reasons why they are running for Village Council.

Elections will take place on Sunday at the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School. Nomination for candidates starts at 9AM and lasts for an hour, after which the election process starts. The polls open at 10AM and closes at 5PM, with the counting of votes to follow immediately after. The San Pedro Sun thanks the Caye Caulker Village Council for assisting in the forum and wishes all the candidates the best!

Click here to read the rest of the article and see LOTS more photos in the San Pedro Sun

Eduardo Arceo’s Message to the Islanders

Tracie Young for Councilor

Tracie Young shares some of her views with you and asks for your support on Sunday.
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Caye Caulker Election results

Official your new CCVC Councillors!!!
Enelda Rosado 414,
Tracy Young 315,
Julian Rosado 298, Ilda Marin 270,
Ralph Humes 258,
Raul young 243
official results

for Chairman....
Congrats to our new Chairman of the Village Council Mr. Wayne Miller

Official tally is Marcial Alamina 29, Errol Guizar 53, Wayne Allison Miller 303, Eduaro Arceo 108, Mineli Young 234 and 40 rejected votes.
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Congratulations Wayne, and also congratulations to all the new councillors. I hope you get all the support required to make this Caye a great home for all.
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Re: “Meet the Candidates” forum set for June 12! - 06/22/13 12:59 PM
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