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Posted By: IfOnlyICud

Vacation Rentals - 08/23/13 05:40 PM

I have been searching for beach front vacation rentals and I am not finding much. Was wondering if this is the case or if I am not looking in the right direction? Any help much appreciated.
Posted By: MikeD

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/23/13 06:07 PM

Try Tina Auxillou at: [email protected]
Thee are numerous types and prices of rentals available. Another favorite of mine is Colinda Cabanas...just google them.
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/23/13 06:33 PM

Caye Caulker Rentals

Caye Caulker Accommodations

Also search under Caye Caulker in Vacation Rentals By Owner

ETA: it looks like only the first one sorts by beachfront location but it's pretty easy to tell by the descriptions where the houses are located.
Posted By: Tina Turner

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 01:16 AM

I have a FB page here with some apartment rentals on Caye Caulker. Check it out.

Email me at [email protected] I have a beach unit available from Sept. 1st for $700 USD/mo.
Posted By: Wizardofaahs

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 02:44 AM

I highly recommend the Hicklin House on Ambergris Caye. It is about a mile north of the bridge, the Palapa Bar is literally at the end of the dock that is out your front door. We walked to Ak Bol every morning for breakfast. It is absolute perfection.

2 Bedrooms plus. Seriously, amazing location.
Posted By: ron

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 05:11 AM

I often wonder why when someone posts something to the Caye Caulker message board, they get responses for San Pedro.
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 09:45 AM

3 out of 4 responses were for Caye Caulker, so I wouldn't say "only". But you're right, it happens often.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 02:31 PM

ANSWER: Because people like me select "active topics" and do not pay particular attention to the "assigned section" of the board where it is posted.
Posted By: renski

Re: Vacation Rentals - 08/24/13 05:48 PM

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