Posted By: Cooper

DOG ERADICATION - 09/18/13 04:03 AM

This may happen on Thursday, it always happens on Thursdays. Please contact our Village Chairman, I have a link to his facebook below. We have offered our assistance at no charge to humanely euthanize strays, he prefers strychnine.
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Re: DOG ERADICATION - 09/18/13 05:48 PM

Deb, I just message Mr Miller. I can put some effort into this is he gives us some time.
Posted By: sandyjeff

Re: DOG ERADICATION - 09/18/13 08:47 PM

Deb, I conacted Mr Miller per your suggestion. Figured it can't hurt, might help. He just got back to me. Here is his response...
Wayne Miller
I am just hearing about this a few days ago and apparently is being considered by the Ministry of Health based on the amount of residents complaints about the over population of strays. Even I was rushed a few days ago in the middle of town. Your concerns might be better addressed to the Health inspector. Thanks.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: DOG ERADICATION - 09/19/13 02:49 AM

Not so much, as the Village Chairman has to agree to let the euthanization happen. If he says NO, then it is NO. Beto Villanueva always blocked this from happening. Even if members of the council wanted it. The whole thing is so stupid, it will not solve the problem they are trying to solve. Its a joke, a cruel joke and based on uneducated theories.
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