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My wife and I are interested in moving to Caye Caulker for like 6-12 months with our 18 month old son and 2 dogs (one medium sized, one large). Would be looking to rent a 2-bedroom place on the water that is hooked-up for internet (have to be able to use VOIP for work). Is there any part of the island that is "safer" than others, or is it all pretty safe?

Is the best way to find a longterm rental to come down for a short stay and look around and talk to folks?

We'd be flying from ATL on Delta since they allow medium/large dogs in the cargo area... is it very difficult getting the paper-work done for dogs?

Thanks in advance!

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To find a long term house, come in person and don't bring the dogs. You and they could easily find yourselves in a hotel for a while. Most hotels won't take two.
There are maybe three homes for rent long term directly on the east beach. They all are usually full. They cost big money by our standards but maybe you already live in a small modest home for $2000\ mo or more.
You will probably need to make an unadvertised deal with someone or settle for the back or interior island.that is lot harder to find if you don't know anyone.
Rent on CC is not that high but nearly everyone who comes wants a beach house. So they cost at least double or triple. Most were converted to short term or torn down for hotels.
The whole island is a white sand beach. If two hundred feet from the sea would work, your chance of success would improve a lot.
Sept through Nov. Is not the fun season on the Caye because of torrential rains and fierce bugs.
The wind blows nicely in other parts of the year, but that season can be a sauna filled with sand flies.
Many of those who can leave choose to travel in that season.
On the other hand, finding a house in Jan. is quite unlikely.
I have helped hundreds of folks over 35 years. Most of them planned the way you have.
Most of that group did not make it.
Others came to the Caye first to make their arrangements , or booked in the season before because they were well connected with locals.
That group had a MUCH higher success rate.
There is no ghetto. Petty theft is a problem best dealt with by bringing nothing you value, and keeping money in the bank.
Many folks bring money down through occasional ATM withdrawals.
Children are safer on CC than in most places in the US because we have no cars, wild animals, etc.
Sorry if this is not the advice you hoped to get.
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Dane, appreciate the honest info.
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Caye Caulker rentals listings on facebook:
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Dane has good advice. This place is behind the childrens park...has sea views with no building obstruction...gets nice easterly breeze. The second floor 3 BR has a nice porch overlooking the park and the reef. We have stayed on the first floor. Good landlord and a good value.

Email: [email protected] (Near the Caye Caulker Split)
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She may have others too. Tina is a cool landlord .lady
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