Mayan Sunrise Subdivision

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Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 11/24/14 12:34 PM

Friend of ours told us about this new subdivision on the south end of Caye Caulker...looks promising to eventually build our home away from home on but can anyone gives us more details on it? Is that part of the island get/have a lot of standing water/flooding during the rainy season?
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 11/24/14 04:26 PM

Nice spot, east reef facing lots, filled in high, contact the developers here....

Caye Dreams Real Estate
Real Estate Site for Caye Dreams Real Estate, Caye Caulker, Belize.
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 11/24/14 04:52 PM

The lots will all be filled as part of sale price. Drop us an email at [email protected] for some further details.
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Eden Isle - 11/25/14 11:36 AM

Any chances of getting some roads so we can access our property year round?
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/01/14 08:11 PM

Looked at Mayan Sunrise as well as some places on the back.
Mayan is getting electric, power was close to there then, would be a big plus for me.
East/Reef side also has desirable trade winds most of the year, cooler & less bugs.
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/01/14 09:37 PM

Is the power any closer to Maya than Wills? It has been there about twenty years.
I hope there is progress with them for you.
At Eden Isle we have made a deal with a wind power company to begin supplying power and they would like to extend their lines to Maya. The national power company -BTL - said they were not planning any extensions at this time,
All our residents at Eden Isle have solar or wind already for years and they like it. I get a lot of kidding when the power is out in the village because they don't even know when it
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/02/14 01:03 PM

Hi Dane,

We are running it from Odyssey/Wills to our site. I have agreed the route with BEL and hoping to keep most of it underground to avoid the unsightly posts, but was awaiting for a certain number of lot sells before we pulled the trigger, we are now very nearly at that point.

Certainly open to giving owners the option for wind also or a combination of mains and renewables so do send some details of your plans to my email.
Though wind alone is only really viable as around 20-30% of a total power requirement unless you have huge battery banks.
Domestic Solar and wind combo does suit some owners, but I have found the majority of buyers don't want the upkeep of system or restrictions on appliances that come with renewables alone. Though I am in discussions with a renewables provider to see if they may want to do a commercial sized venture down there and sell power, but it is a very large investment for them to make so doubtful at this stage. Interested to hear who you are dealing with though and perhaps we can co-operate with them together.

I think you made a typo with BTL and meant BEL ?
They are not funding any extension it will be funded by us. (sadly)


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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/02/14 02:06 PM

Good to hear you are making some progress.
I will put the wind guy in touch.
If you know another renewables company that might be interested in a larger setup that includes solar, we would come on board with some money and clients. We have about thirty homes and more planning.

The Caye has windy nights and sunny days, so my clients have found a fortunate balance.
Every home has a battery bank already. If we network them they add up to a lot of storage, which can make a central wind supplier a nearly 100% solution.
After all, each of the homes is on 100% renewable already though some use propane fridges to make that happen.
Each home with their own solar panels charging them all independently hasn't been efficient.
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/02/14 02:30 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the input...while not opposed to going the renewable energy route, one of the biggest appeals of this new development is the electricity being run to it. That does bring up another question though...with all the additional development on the island, is there any plan in works to upgrade the main BEL power source to account for it?
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/02/14 04:12 PM

They don't plan to do that, according to my guy.
There really isn't a big number of new hookups because BEL won't extend the lines to anyone on their dime. It is extremely expensive to connect.
He said the increases in usage are mostly from present users installing air.
The power in Belize has a very high price per KWH
It is sold at the same price all over the country.
This makes small places like CC not profitable to expand since the fuel must be brought in at high prices.
To stay in the power zone you must find a lot north of the airstrip,or go with Maya's future.
There are places sometimes in the Bahia with power but Maya is a LOT nicer.
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 12/02/14 05:18 PM

Dane I have PM'd you my email. Drop me a line and I will share the details of the company I was dealing with as they are mainly solar and see if we can't help each other out.

KMA I have dropped you a message also.



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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 01/06/16 01:41 AM

I noticed the last posted was in 2014... Does anyone know if Mayan Sunrise has electricity yet?
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 01/06/16 02:15 AM

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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 01/08/16 07:42 PM

Filling of the property needed to be completed first and finally the dredge company has just returned to the island after a long wait. They should be re-starting fill work this month. Once that is complete the power is the next priority.
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 09/30/16 05:38 PM

Any update on the electric for Maya?
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Re: Mayan Sunrise Subdivision - 10/03/16 01:52 PM

Meeting in a few weeks with a BEL representative. We are also looking to add good portion of renewable generation so that the grid (that is increasingly unreliable) is not the only option.
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