The Transfer Station

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The Transfer Station - 02/12/16 11:07 AM

We applaud the efforts of the CCVC and PASA for the Transfer Station, and the subsequent closure of the dump, there are a couple of questions marks hanging.

Sunday closure. Every restaurant here needs to dispose of trash every day surely otherwise we create a stinking unhygienic trash issue.

Saturday half day: Hotels are also typically busier at weekends than during the week with ins and outs. This is when most trash is collected from the rooms. If someone checks out at 11am it is now feasible that the trash stays on the hotel grounds till Monday morning. A long time for trash here.

Green Waste such as garden choppings, twigs, leaves. Plants pieces not to be longer than 3 feet (although hilarious typo actually says ‘must be cut into pieces of at least 3 feet in length) and leaves and smaller debris to be bagged. Surely mixing plastic in with our ‘green’ trash is not the right way to think this one through? Useful and properly separated green waste like this can be used for fill and mulch and compost on the island, not taken off the island to be disposed of.

Now we wonder, has anyone seen any trash leave the island since the station opened?

What do we do about prohibited waste?

Construction / Demo

Medical Waste

Sludge (whatever that is)



Soil (what is this?)

Gravel Waste

Where should we take this then? Medical Waste may be easier to deal with and the clinic has ways of disposing of this. Sewage, toxic and sludge? If we don’t give them a place to go we all know it will end up getting illegally dumped on someones property on this island. Just because we cant take it to the transfer station doesn’t mean the sewage is not being pumped every week and it is going somewhere!!

The hearty last paragraph from PASA says “You can change the past but you can change your future, please dispose of your garbage in the its proper place”

Where shall we take our poop?

Caye Caulker Chronicles

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Re: The Transfer Station - 04/12/16 01:57 PM

Any update on how this project is coming along &/or how its working so far?
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