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Posted By: mprevo

Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 12:10 PM

When we arrive in Caye Caulker this February I hope to be able to use by Verizon cell phone to stay in touch with work and family. I also hope to be able to use it for local calls if the need arises. I do have an International plan and I understand how the fees to my account work. The question for you folks is how do I dial a local number once I am in CC? For instance say I want to call 223-0033 (Ocean Ferry Belize). What is the exact way I need to enter the number into my phone? Thanks
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Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 12:40 PM

i use an unlocked GSM phone & when I get to San Pedro Just change the SIM card which i got at BTL The *** with international plan I have a local number the cost is a lot less With using PLANS you have dial a whole bunch of numbers & hope it rings in C C 011-501-XXX-XXXX where as with local number just dial XXX-XXXX there places around that you rent a phone already set up with a local number the choice is yours good luck
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Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 01:03 PM

I don't plan on making many (if any) local calls I just wanted to know how in case an emergency occurs. A new sim card won't work for me because I do need to keep my phone number for work issues and calls. So basically i need to add 011-501 in front of the local number, That helps me out a bunch. Thanks.
Posted By: Richard Chapman

Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 01:09 PM

I tried a Google Fi phone when I traveled to China in 2017, it worked so well that I moved my Verizon number to Google Fi, the services is good in 132 countries including Belize. Lookup Project Fi for more information.
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Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 01:10 PM

Just follow the instructions for your International plan. I have several local people that I call if I have a problem.
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Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 01:54 PM

Hello mprevo.... simply press in the following 011.501.223.0033 ... You don't need the 1 before the area code, dial the numbers as you read them. Sometimes the call does not go through and it may take a couple tries of busy signals....When it does go through it does not ring as you might be accustom to, the signal is a long tone followed by a pause and then another long tone.... Took me a bit to get use to... Hope that helps....
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Re: Using US Cell Phone - 01/05/18 02:24 PM

Thanks everyone
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